A new shadow over the suspicions surrounding Abe's assassination: Special prosecutors' national policy investigation aimed at dismantling the Abe faction

Isn't it because former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated that the prosecutors launched an investigation into suspicions of a ``slush fund'', a political funding party that led to the dissolution of the Liberal Democratic Party Seiwakai (Abe faction)? Wouldn't Abe, the leader of the faction, have been eliminated first with the aim of dismantling the Abe faction? This should be a natural question that comes to everyone's mind. However, we never hear such questions from the media. The indictment prepared by the prosecutors does not explain the circumstances of Abe's shooting death at all. As I have pointed out repeatedly in this blog, it is full of contradictions. Furthermore, even though it has been a year and a half since the incident, Tetsuya Yamagami's first trial date is still uncertain. is notstanding. They are trying to delay the start of the trial as much as possible, as if to put a lid on a stinky situation. It is better to assume that there was a plot to ``bury Abe and then dismantle the Abe faction.'' This ``slush fund'' The investigation into the suspicions and the dismantling of the Abe faction are easy to understand. However, such views that cast new light on the suspicions surrounding Abe's assassination will forever be considered taboo.

This "slush fund suspicion" incident was reported by NHKon November 18,"Tokyo The District Public Prosecutors Office's Special Investigation Department has requested voluntary interviews with representatives of five Liberal Democratic Party factions and is proceeding with the interviews,'' which is generally known to the public. It became. Next,Bunshun Onlineon November 29th, the LDP Abe faction's 2021 and20225 factions of the Liberal Democratic Party< /span>initially investigated and filed criminal chargesHiroyuki KamiwakiProfessor. In response to this, Kobe Gakuin UniversityPolitical funds balance reportName of the large purchaser who purchased tickets over 200,000 yenPolitical funds partyin November 2022Shinbun Red Flag When it was reported that the company was a supporting company, the press suddenly became heated. However, four months after Abe's murder, theYoshitaka Ikeda, member of the House of RepresentativesMore than 30% of the large purchasers of political funding parties. More than a year after Red Flag was reported, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office's special investigation department began actively leaking to the media that it had begun an investigation, as if it had reached its full potential.

The main mission of the special prosecutor's office is to expose suspicious cases. It will be a highly political investigation into national policy. After the extraordinary Diet session ended on December 13th, pro-Abe members began ``whistleblowing.'' Some say that ``kickbacks of party tickets that exceeded the quota began'' during the Yoshiro Mori cabinet (2000-2001), when the Seiwa-kai (Abe faction) entered the mainstream of the Liberal Democratic Party. AndHiroyuki Miyazawa, a member of the House of Representatives who resigned as Deputy Minister of Defense, said, =4>Don't talk, don't talk, this is it,'' he said, ``A gag order was put in place to prevent anyone from disclosing that they would not record the kickback.'' was revealed. With Abe's death, many of the approximately 100 pro-Abe members without a strong leader must have felt great anxiety about their future. Then, the Special Prosecutor's Office, which had kept the Abe faction's slush fund issue in its ``drawer'' for some time, began to take action, and the largest faction, which had been deeply divided, was quickly headed for collapse< a i=8>. This collapse of the Seiwa-kai (Abe faction) is the purpose of the investigation.

This blog is based on the acceptance of the exercise of the right of collective self-defenseWith the enforcement of the new security legislation in 2015The role of Shinzo Abe and the Abe faction He explained that it was over. Based on this premise, it seems safe to say that the scenario for the dissolution of the Abe faction has been in the works since then. The conservative Kochi-kai had lost its former power to the Seiwa-kai and had declined to the fourth faction of the Liberal Democratic Party. The reason why Kishida ignored convention and continued as chairman of the faction (Kochi-kai) even after he became prime minister and president was probably to show both at home and abroad that he was a ``prime minister who came from the Kochi-kai.'' Is it? Aso continued to serve as deputy prime minister and finance minister in the second Abe administration, and reigned as the ``shadow president.'' Taro appointed Fumio Kishida, the chairman of the Kochi-kai, in which he also had one foot in, to become the longest consecutive and full-time foreign minister after the war, and spread rumors in Nagatacho that ``Mr. Abe will yield to Kishida.'' Spread it. The media has even reported that Abe has said that he will hand over the prime minister's chair to Kishida.

The fact that this theory of surrender was artificial will become clear in the Liberal Democratic Party presidential election held in September 2021. Abe supports ultra-right wing Sanae Takaichi, who can be compared to fraternal twins. Even though Takaichi had been expelled from the Seiwakai, the chairman, Abe, forcefully took over his role and won the parliamentary vote in the first round. He received 114 votes, close to Kishida's 146 votes. This must have been seen as Abe's rebellion against Aso and the US side, which had been trying to establish the Kishida administration. On the other hand, Abe's true feelings, which had him constantly saying that he was ``100% with the United States'' during his term as prime minister, were clearly shown. Takaichi spoke for Abe's regrets by saying, ``Once I become prime minister, I will continue to worship at Yasukuni Shrine,'' and together with Abe he decisively provoked the US neocon government and DS. At this point, Abe appears to have come to be viewed as a complete enemy by the center of American power. Takaichi will start astudy session on November 15, 2023, and through this he will incorporate some of the Abe factions and form the Takaichi faction. Isn't this move based on advance knowledge of Aso and Kishida's efforts to crush the Abe faction?

Looked at in this way, the assassination of Abe and the plot to dismantle the Abe faction are connected. However, as published in September 2023, ``Four mysteries surrounding the preparations for the trial of the Abe assassination case, the ``truth'' of the case that will never intersect and the facts of Yamagami's indictment | Press Activity 1995~ Yasuo Kaji (Yasuo Kaji) (yasuoy.com)', the truth behind Abe's assassination is likely to remain unsolved. If the trial of Yamagami, who was indicted as the perpetrator of Abe's shooting death at a time when the media was heating up over suspicions of a ``slush fund'' from a political party, is held, not only the issue of dismantling the Abe faction but also Abe's assassination will once again be in the spotlight. Yamagami's trial may have been ``indefinitely postponed'' because they do not want the Abe faction's suspicion of a slush fund and the Abe assassination to become hot topics in the media at the same time.

In any case, as mentioned in the previous essays, there is no doubt that huge external forces are at work in dismantling the Abe faction.