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No A-Bombing, My Life, Japan's post-World War II


No A-Bombing, My Life, Japan's post-World War IIShortly after 11 am on August 9, 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped from a U.S. military aircraft on Nagasaki following Hiroshima, instantly killing nearly 100,000 civilians. At 9:44 am on the same day prior to the release of Nagasaki, the U.S. B29 bombing corps of the three aircraft reached primary target of the atomic bomb, the Kokura Arsenal (Japanese Army Weapons Factory) located in the center of Kokura City (now Kitakyushu City), entranceway to Kyushu in the east of Nagasaki. It is estimated that the bomber's finger was repeatedly applied to the release button while circulating above Kokura city approximately 45 minutes, when the bomber door containing the new bomb was opened and the bomber traversed above the altitude of nearly 10,000 meters. At that time, my father, who had served most of the 15-year war at the fronts of China, the Philippines, and the Indochina Peninsula, returned in 1944, the previous year, worked at the Kokura Arsenal, the target of the atomic bomb.


The U.S. aircraft abandoned the atomic bombing in Kokura and headed for Nagasaki under conditions that could only be described as lucky for the people of Kokura. The details were revealed by Japanese researchers who directly turned up the US government's archives.

Three years after this fateful day, my parents, who saved their lives at the expense of the people of Nagasaki, gave me to the world. Since my childhood, in the midsummer, my father used to have talked passionately to me about his 13-year experience of war.

“ I was able to survive because I belonged to the rear artillery instead of infantry fighting at the forefront, '' “ The critically injured Japanese soldiers found in the cumulative body of dead were shouting 'Mom' with a roaring voice "No one died saying," Long live His Majesty the Emperor. ",

"They all wanted to go back to their mothers, to flee the battlefields that forced them to "sacrifice their lives for the emperor." However, they were bound by military rules, could not escape, were treated as human bullets, and died from a grudge against the unreasonable existence of their superiors and the army. The deception must have boiled them inside.”

I wanted Emperor Showa (Hirohito), who is responsible for the war, to at least abdicate him," The comfort women were recruited directly by the Japanese army, and why would a private trader bother to bring it to the front line of battlefield where shells would fly! " "Such a stupid war isn't going to happen again."

The anger, resentment, and sadness of my father, whose youth between the ages of 20 and 30 was deprived of war, were deeply imprinted in my heart.

My father had been fighting in various places around Southeast Asia. In early February 1942, about two months after the Pearl Harbor attack, he flew from Shanghai to Manila and was stationed in the Philippines. Suffering from the after-effects of malaria during the war, he passed away in late 1993, in 79 years of his age.

The following year, I quitted a company reporter and started working as a freelance reporter on Mindanao, the southernmost tip of the Philippines. There, the U.S. military and U.S. intelligence services, which should have been completely withdrawn from the Philippines in 1992, have begun training "Islamic terrorists" and preparing for the "War on Terrorism" in full swing following the (Y2001) Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. My press activity and the articles that would be posted one after the other are based on the original experience described above. We hope to be able to interact with the people of the world, especially China, Korea, Southeast Asia, the United States, and the same defeated Germany through articles.

上記フロント記事の日本語版は2020年2月4日付記事「原爆不投下、我が命、日本の戦後」として掲載し、2023年8月に加筆しました。上の「投稿記事2020年」をクリック願います。  加治康男

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