Agree on ``China's involvement in accelerating the end of the war in Ukraine''? The truth behind the US-France telephone conversation just before leaving for Beijing

Ahead of Macron's visit to China from April 5 to 7, the French president's office said on Friday, "Macron will hold a phone call with U.S. President Biden and seek China 's involvement in accelerating the end of the war in Ukraine." "We agreed on the position," he said, "and called for China , and noted their shared willingness to participate in building sustainable peace in the region . " Some media outlets took the unbelievable “sudden change in attitude” of the US government as shocking and reported it as if peace was imminent in Ukraine.

From the standpoint of the U.S. neoconservatives, who are forcing Ukraine to engage in a proxy war in order to bring down the current Russian regime, there is no way they would ask China, the main enemy with whom Russia has a de facto ally, to participate in ending the war. I don't get it. This is what I emphasized in my article published on April 3, "Expanding Front from Ukraine to China-Russia Backyard: Will US Neoconservatives Gambling in Central Asia?" First, the Ukrainian government (U.S. neoconservatives) is not 100% willing to accept the territorial sovereignty of eastern Ukraine and Russia's Crimea, which Russia claims to be independent, and proceed to a ceasefire and peace talks. So is the complete withdrawal of Russia. The sacrifice of the Ukrainian population is not taken into account at all.

From the beginning, France has distanced itself from the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and together with Germany, has envisioned a pan-European security system with Russia's participation without the US. The strong suspicion that the bombing of the German-Russian undersea natural gas pipeline "Nord Stream" was directed by U.S. President Biden shows that the Ukraine war itself aims to destroy not only Russia but also Germany, France, and eventually the European economy. implied.

The US neoconservatives have long been treated as nuisances by Germany and France, which opposed the war in Iraq . Depending on the expansion of China and the Global South , it is highly possible that continental Europe and China and Russia will unite as the Eurasian bloc and that NATO will be dismantled. "America, return to the Western Hemisphere." The tide of history seems to encourage this. However, Macron accompanied Washington with the head of the European Commission, who was strongly pro-American.

During Macron and European Commission President Hong Der Leyen's stay in China, Biden did not post any message on the White House website about the China-France talks. I see nothing. The NYT reported soberly, saying, "Chinese and French leaders hardly discussed Ukraine," and "China and France discussed the Ukraine issue apart from the US position." What does Biden's silence, which was revealed to the French presidential office, mean, " we agreed to seek China 's involvement in accelerating the end of the war? " It only hinted that the disagreements within the US administration and the hard-line stance of the neoconservatives are overwhelming.