Couldn't the center of power in the US leave Abe alone? After the resignation of prime minister, respect for Yasukuni and defense of Putin erupted

December 2022, about half a year after former Prime Minister Abe was assassinated. Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, who led the Liberal Democratic Party's largest faction Seiwakai in place of Shinzo Abe, said at a meeting in Tokyo, "Only Russian President Putin has been criticized, and President Zelensky, who is harassing many Ukrainian people, has been scolded at all. What do you mean there is no?" he said. Regarding reports on Ukraine, he pointed out that "the Japanese mass media relies only on reports from Europe and the United States and is biased toward one side." . In fact, this Mori remark spoke for Abe's remarks during his lifetime. As soon as he resigned as prime minister, he paid a visit to Yasukuni Shrine to comfort the spirits of those who died fighting to liberate Greater East Asia from Western colonization. In addition, if he showed a certain degree of understanding of Puchin and supported Putin's military operations after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the center of power in the United States could not have left Abe "runaway".

Ataru Magosaki, former director-general of the International Intelligence Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave a speech at a rally held in Tokyo in mid-June.

"Zelensky should have promised Ukraine not to join NATO and should have given the two eastern provinces a high degree of autonomy (fulfilling the Minsk agreements), but he did not do that." The two-state issue uses the same logic that the West recognized for the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia conflict. Russia has no territorial ambitions, and Putin is acting for defense and security." "We do not justify this, but we should understand it."

Magosaki did not disclose the exact date or location of Abe's remarks. However, he said, "None of the reporters who heard about it reported it," and it is certain that the remarks were made quite publicly.

Having held 30 official summits with Putin, Abe should have been familiar with Putin's thinking. As this blog has consistently argued, the Ukraine war is a US war against Russia set in Ukraine, and Ukraine is nothing more than a proxy war. On this point, I agree with Abe's perception. The opinion of former Prime Minister Abe, who leads the largest faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, must have weighed heavily on Prime Minister Kishida, who presides over the G7 meetings.

For Abe, the situation in Ukraine was linked to the U.S. support for Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang forces, which led to the quagmire of the Sino-Japanese War. Shoji Nishida, a member of the House of Councilors who is one of Abe's closest aides, said this at the end of last year.

“In response to the Zelensky administration, which trampled on the 2015 Minsk Agreement, which granted a high degree of autonomy to the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine, with the backing of the United States, we agreed to grant the right of collective security and self-defense after recognizing the independence of Donbass. Putin Russia, which was activated, overlaps with the former Empire of Japan.

It is not true that Japan invaded Korea and China. Therefore, the results of the Tokyo trial cannot be accepted. Korea was annexed with the consent of the other party, and the recognition that it was a colony is wrong. With the Russian invasion of Korea looming, Korea chose to follow Japan. Japan did not adopt a Western-style colonial policy of exploiting resources, but tried to bring Korea to the same level of education and social capital as Japan. Active investment in Korea and Manchuria has brought about high economic growth that would be impossible under colonial rule, and has become the cornerstone of the prosperity of today's China and South Korea. In fact, Japan was devoted to China and Korea, not to take it.

The main reason Japan was lured into the Greater East Asia War was the protracted war between Chiang Kai-shek and Japan. The Marco Polo Bridge Incident, which triggered the China Incident, was an attack by the Chinese Communist Party. Neither Chiang Kai-shek nor Japan originally intended to go to war. Chiang Kai-shek was trying to protect the country from the West together with Japan. However, due to the Xi'an Incident, he was forced to cooperate with the state. The United States provided weapons and financial support to the Kuomintang army from the Burma area in the form of aid routes. The war expands and prolongs, and eventually Japan is dragged into the war with the United States. The United States used Chiang Kai-shek to drag Japan into the war against the United States.

It is the United States that is doing outrageous things such as making Ukraine abandon the Minsk Agreement, making Russia invade, and providing state-of-the-art weapons and funds to wage war against Russia. They don't fight directly and let Ukraine wage a proxy war, which is the same as what the United States did during the China Incident. "Crush big countries by supporting small countries". It's outrageous.

Furthermore, the cross-flow of relief supplies. Weapons distributed to armed groups around the world are used for indiscriminate terrorism. America is doing terrible things. Moreover, Japan once did the same thing to the United States.

It is natural for Japanese people to see the Ukrainian coverage negatively. That's what Prime Minister Mori said. ”

Former Prime Minister Mori can be replaced by former Prime Minister Abe.

The US should have had no choice but to try to dismantle the Abe faction, the largest faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, which is the core of Japan's conservative forces. A ray of light is shining into the darkness surrounding Abe's assassination, which has been shrouded in suspicion.