Iruma Air Base, an air defense base in Tokyo shared by the U.S. and NATO, targeted by China, Russia, and North Korea

The Air Self-Defense Force Iruma Air Base (Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture), which is the air defense base for the capital Tokyo, is under the control of the Self-Defense Force Air Command, which is located within the adjacent U.S. military Yokota Air Base, approximately 10 kilometers to the southwest. Iruma Base is equipped with the automatic warning and control system (JADGE), a core command and control system that connects via a network with PAC3 and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Aegis ships that deal with ballistic missiles. Iruma Air Base is the only Air Self-Defense Force base where the U.S. military has installed communication equipment at the air defense command center (DC) within the Self-Defense Force base, and where Japan and the U.S. operate JADGE together. In addition, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces are moving toward sharing bases. As Russia strengthens its military cooperation with China and North Korea, if Japan, the United States, and NATO jointly launch a counterattack in the Tokyo metropolitan area, China, Russia, and North Korea will inevitably become wary, saying that ``strengthening the counterattack will lead to an immediate attack.'' Combined with preparations to attack enemy bases in the Nansei Islands , using the Taiwan emergency as an excuse, Japan is facing a self-destructive crisis.

The second Abe administration approved the exercise of collective self-defense through a cabinet decision, and the following year, in 2015, new security legislation was enacted, allowing the Self-Defense Forces to share bases with the U.S. military, both domestically and internationally. Prior to this, in 2012, the Air Force General Command, which centrally commands and supervises the Air Self-Defense Force's air defense combat units centered on missile interception and anti-aircraft units, moved from Fuchu Air Base to the US Forces Japan Headquarters at Yokota Air Base. It was relocated to be attached to the building. The U.S. military placed the Air Self-Defense Force under effective command of the U.S. military in the name of strengthening Japan-U.S. cooperation, in anticipation of the Japanese government's approval of the exercise of collective self-defense. At the same time, the Air Self-Defense Forces Iruma Air Base, which is home to the Chubu Air Defense Force headquarters whose air defense mission is the Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, and Kinki regions, will be relocated to the U.S. Forces Japan Command (5th Air Force Headquarters) at Yokota Air Base and the Self-Defense Forces. In order to integrate with the Air Force Headquarters, the US military established the Yokota Air Base Branch within Iruma Air Base.

January 31, 2023. The name of the Air Self Defense Force's largest base, Iruma Air Base, was announced to the world. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg (former Prime Minister of Norway) was visiting the base (photo on the left, with a C-2 transport plane in the background). At the base, the NATO Secretary-General spoke to the Air Self-Defense Force's top chief of staff, the commander of the Chubu Air Force, who is based at Iruma Air Base, and others, and after returning to Tokyo, he spoke to Prime Minister Kishida at the official residence about security issues between Japan and NATO. He appealed for stronger cooperation across the board. It was reported that Japan welcomed NATO's involvement in security in the Indo-Pacific region. This visit was made because the above-mentioned integration of command functions between Yokota Air Base and Iruma Air Base was for NATO forces, and Iruma Air Base, along with US Yokota Air Base, is the center of NATO forces for both the US and British forces in Japan. It was suggested that it would become a command base.

January 12, 2007. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (at the time) became the first Japanese prime minister to visit the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) headquarters. "We will strengthen our cooperation with NATO as global partners who share the values of freedom and democracy," he said in a speech. With this as a starting point, Japan signed joint security declarations with Japan and Australia, and Japan and India, advocated the Indo-Pacific concept, and openly acted as a pawn in the United States' global strategy, which developed into the Quad (Japan-U.S.-Australia-India Strategic Dialogue). .

This blog started with the November 2020 article "'Yoke to Japan's right-wing government': The new Anglo-Japanese alliance and expanded NATO | Press Activity 1995~ Yasuo Kaji (Yasuo Kaji) (" He has commented on the actions of the Japanese government from his visit to NATO headquarters in 2007 to the establishment of the Japanese government's representative to NATO in 2018 at the Japanese Embassy in Belgium, effectively becoming a member of NATO. Secretary General Stoltenberg's visit to Iruma Air Base was a major milestone. Following this, before the G7 Hiroshima Summit in May, there were reports of moves to open a NATO liaison office in Tokyo. Although the opening of the office was suspended due to opposition from France, the details of the strengthening of cooperation between NATO and Japan, which Stoltenberg emphasized at the Iruma base in January, were clearly demonstrated.

NATO, founded in 1949 as a collective defense mechanism against the Soviet bloc, now also has liaison offices in Ukraine and Georgia, the sites of proxy wars with Russia. If the office opens in Japan, it will be the first in Asia. It will serve as a base to check China and Russia in cooperation with South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and other countries. In June 2022, the leaders of Japan and South Korea each attended the NATO Summit held in Madrid, Spain for the first time, pledging to fully cooperate with NATO to contain China, Russia, and North Korea from the eastern side of the Eurasian continent. Iruma Air Base became the front line in Japan. In fact, the new commander of the Chubu Air Defense Force (Iruma Air Base), who took up his post at the end of August 2023, stated on his website, ``Continuous vigilance and surveillance of Chinese and Russian aircraft that are actively operating around Japan, day and night.'' "We will take all possible precautions, respond by emergency launches, and respond to North Korea's repeated missile launches," the statement said, naming China, Russia, and North Korea as enemies.

[Photo] PAC3 (Patriot Missile MIM-104 Patriot) of the 1st Anti-Aircraft Group belonging to the Air Self-Defense Force Iruma Base



Along with this, large-scale reinforcement of Iruma Base is being carried out. According to the Saitama Prefectural Assembly Base Investigation Team, the budget for fiscal 2022 was 6 billion yen, which increased sharply to 21 billion yen in fiscal 2023. 11.5 billion yen for a project to strengthen the resilience of air bases to withstand enemy attacks and maintain their functions, specifically by burying command centers, communications facilities, and utility poles underground, and duplicating communications and pipelines. is being filled. The rapid undergrounding and strengthening of the area clearly shows that it is being converted into a base in preparation for war. The Ministry of Defense purchased two large long-distance transport aircraft, the C-2, which Secretary General Stoltenberg praised for their contribution to transporting goods to Ukraine, for 59.7 billion yen, and installed a hangar and other equipment at Iruma Air Base. The C-2, which flies from Iruma Air Base to Hawaii, Australia, India, and other destinations, is being considered to be equipped with standoff missiles that can be used as a counterattack capability to attack enemy missile bases.

Furthermore, the Self-Defense Force Iruma Hospital, a ``logistical support and evacuation hospital'' that treats Self-Defense Forces personnel seriously injured in battles overseas, will be completed in 2022. This is inextricably linked to the deployment of C-2 transport aircraft. The C-2 can carry three ``Mobile Medical Units,'' containers known as ``Flying Operating Rooms,'' which provide life-saving measures and emergency treatment to injured Self-Defense Force personnel in the Nansei Islands and overseas, before arriving at Iruma Air Base. The system allows for immediate transport to a newly established Self-Defense Forces hospital. As no SDF personnel have yet been injured overseas, the newly built SDF hospital is currently empty and empty. The parking of multiple C-2 aircraft and the construction of a new Self-Defense Forces hospital clearly demonstrate that Iruma Air Base is being incorporated into a contingency plan.

In addition, the Iruma Base will be expanded and strengthened by expanding its role as a disaster response base, meaning a dispatch base for Self-Defense Force personnel, vehicles, equipment, and supplies in the event of an emergency, strengthening the electronic warfare unit, and consolidating the aeromedical experiment team. There are too many examples to list. No one can definitively say that this series of moves has nothing to do with strengthening cooperation between the Self-Defense Forces and NATO and creating bases for war overseas.

February 6, 2023. Regarding Japan's ability to attack enemy bases, Defense Minister Hamada (at the time) responded by saying, ``We cannot completely deny the possibility that Japan will suffer large-scale damage'' if the other country were to attack in retaliation. In the event of an emergency with China, Russia, or North Korea, the first targets and concentrated attacks would be Yokota Air Base and Iruma Air Base, which are the joint command centers for Japan and the United States and NATO. Not necessarily the Nansei Islands. In particular, the Air Self-Defense Force Iruma Base is Japan's largest base for deploying interceptor missiles, and since it is home to long-range cruise missiles that protect U.S. forces in the Tokyo metropolitan area such as Yokota, Yokosuka, and Atsugi, it is the first base to destroy command functions. It is inevitable that you will be attacked.

This unreasonableness is discussed in an article published in January 2023, "'Japanese, now you must die for the United States,' says the US command tower against Japan. When will the Japanese move to abolish the security treaty? | Press Activity 1995~ Yasuo Kaji (Yasuo Kaji) On January 9, 2023, just before Prime Minister Kishida's visit to the United States, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a U.S. think tank known as the control tower for Japan, stated that regarding the Chinese military's invasion of Taiwan, ``U.S. military bases in Japan and the Self-Defense Forces will be targeted, resulting in significant damage.'' ” published the results of a tabletop exercise. He openly declares, ``Several thousand members of the Self-Defense Forces will lose their lives because the entire force of the Self-Defense Forces will fall within the range of Chinese missiles.'' Naturally, there will be great damage to residents living near U.S. military and Self-Defense Force bases in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The RAND Corporation also reported in 2022 that ``China could consider a major attack on the Japanese military, potentially crippled Japan, the United States' most capable ally in the theater.''

A recent publication titled ``The U.S. is not prepared to fight alongside Taiwan'' - US military withdrawal from the Western Pacific continues behind Aso's abusive statements | Press Activity 1995~ Yasuo Kaji ('' ``Invasion is inevitable'' If you don't have the determination to fight, you'll become a vassal country.'' Gouging the US and UK's brainwashing tactics against Japan with ``Fear of China.'' Replaced on August 16 | Press Activity 1995~ Yasuo Kaji (Yasuo Kaji) ('' states that the US is pursuing an offshore balancing strategy. , pointed out that in the name of an integrated deterrence strategy, they are trying to pit allies against adversaries and leave their own countries unscathed. A system has been built in Japan where the nation's wealth has been usurped by vulture funds from the US and UK, budgets for social security, welfare, education and research have continued to be cut, budget deficits have ballooned to an unprecedented degree, and defense spending has doubled and even sacrificed their lives to the US. ing. It's time to wake up.