Is the U.S. administration's remark that it "seeks China to participate in the ceasefire in Ukraine" a trap? Aiming to incite China's threat

On April 8, this blog posted, "'Calling for China's involvement in accelerating the end of the Ukraine war'? In its conclusion, he said, "What does the silence of U.S. President Biden mean after he revealed to the French presidential office that 'France and the U.S. agreed to seek China's involvement in accelerating the end of the war?' He speculated that he merely suggested that the internal conflict of opinion and the hard-line stance of the neoconservatives were overwhelming." As a result of observing the subsequent movements, the US government's remarks to "seek China's involvement" could move China to mediate a ceasefire in the Ukraine war in earnest. denounced as an aggressor nation. They concluded that it was to further inflame China's threats over the Taiwan crisis, the Senkaku Islands, and the dispute in the South China Sea.

On May 26, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) of the United States reported that Li Hui of China visited five countries, Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany, and Russia, and the headquarters of the European Union (EU) for 10 days from May 16. The special representative for Ukraine affairs said, "We have proposed to all countries a ceasefire with Russia occupying Ukrainian territory." "China seeks to divide the Western world by urging a ceasefire in Ukraine. European officials questioned Beijing's ability to act as a fair mediator and rejected the offer," it added. The Chinese government completely denied the content of the article, saying, "After contacting the foreign minister of Ukraine with the parties concerned in other countries, it turned out to be a forgery." do not have.

[Picture] Ukraine held talks with the Chinese side in the presence of Foreign Minister Kuleba (Kyiv, May 17, 2023)

However, according to the Japanese media, "China has completely ignored the fact that the war against Ukraine started with President Putin's incursion of Russian forces on February 24, 2015. It is putting the cart before the horse. The peace plan presented by Special Representative Li Hui, who has served as the Chinese ambassador to Moscow, allows Russia to aggress.” The peace plan swallowed whole WSJ articles such as “Division of Ukraine Territory” |

The above allegation that "the war in Ukraine began with President Putin's incursion of Russian forces on February 24, 2014" does not heed the trap set by the United States and Britain. The Ukrainian government's failure to comply with the 2015 Minsk Accords, which agreed by referendum to determine the de facto independence of two eastern Ukraine provinces that Western media have reported as "Russian-occupied," is said to have prompted Russian military action. I can say. To get a complete picture of the conflict in Ukraine, we need to go back at least to the 2014 US-led coup that overthrew the pro-Russian Yanukovych government and established the pro-US Poroshenko government.

The Chinese government's emphasis that it is "promoting peace talks between Russia and Ukraine based on international law rather than siding with the claims of the West" has become international law through UN Security Council resolutions. It simply called on the Ukrainian government to re-implement the Minsk agreements. Based on the failure of the Zelensky administration to fulfill the agreement, Russia recognized the two provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk, which declared independence in 2014, as independent republics just before the February 2022 invasion. embarked on military action. The two republics were then annexed by Russia after a referendum. China has acquiesced to this situation. Note: Post related articles at the end

France and Germany brokered the two Minsk agreements and should not have criticized China's unspoken stance. In fact, regarding the results of the negotiations by the Chinese delegation that visited five European countries, the Global Times said, “Major European powers such as France and Germany tried to maintain independent diplomacy. We will cooperate with the United States while ignoring regional interests."

In February 2023, China proposed a 12-point peace plan to end the war in Ukraine, but the United States clearly opposed it. But in April, Washington's demeanor changed. "We welcome China's peace proposal," U.S. Secretary of State Brinken told media outlets. As an extension of this, the French president's office announced just before Macron's visit to China that ``President Macron held telephone conversations with U.S. President Biden and agreed to seek China's involvement in accelerating the end of the war in Ukraine.'' .

There was a hidden side to this unbelievable “attitude change” of the US government. “The ceasefire proposal calls on Ukraine to accept Russian occupied territories.” China can also use it in its campaign to ensure that it strengthens its efforts to change the status quo by force without regard to laws and rules, even in East Asia. In the future, attention should be paid to the United States' attack on China over Taiwan and the Senkaku issue, which is citing the Ukrainian ceasefire proposal.

In the latest issue of the Japanese edition of US Newsweek, "China was ``broking a ceasefire'' and forced Ukraine to give up its territory. A ceasefire plan that does not ask Russia to withdraw is not ``brokering'' but ``Russia's pawn.'' Posted an article with. In the comments section, "China also invades Taiwan and confuses it, and the real intention is to have a ceasefire in the form of leaving the occupied area to China," and "China wants to unify Taiwan by force. , and the ulterior motive of wanting to create a precedent that is favorable to them.

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