Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion that makes citizens a "human shield". Partially released through UN mediation, no prospect of complete rescue

The Ukrainian army's battle field against Russia has become a refugee shelter for its citizens. More than 1000 non-combatants, including children evacuating to the underground facility of the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol, southeastern Ukraine, are undoubtedly "human shields" = photo =. Citizens were concealed in the steelworks' underground facilities as the steelworks became the primary target of Russian troops occupying eastern Ukraine. Mariupol is expected to be a concentrated attack by Russian troops at the base of the neo-Nazi and Azov battalions targeted by Russia. It is said that about 20 people were released at the end of April, but most of the citizens are used as "shields" to deter the enemy's attacks by the life of hostages, which is a common method of terrorists. Evacuation is just an excuse, and the Ukrainian government, which wants to prevent Russia's complete occupation of Mariupol, has virtually tolerated civilian arrest. In fact, Putin has ordered Russian troops to stop the attack on the steelworks, but the United Nations, which wants to rush to rescue all the hostages, is in a state of disrepair.

Why do Western media treat citizens as refugees? Isn't it accused of being a "human shield"? The answer is clear. This is to give people at home and abroad the image that the Azov Battalion, a guard unit under the Ukrainian Army, is not an inhumane organization that uses the general public as a "human shield." As long as Russia is thoroughly denounced as an "evil empire," Ukraine, the "victim," can no longer be given a negative image.

In an online meeting with the Japanese media, Azov Battalion commander emphasized that on April 26, an air bomb by Russian troops destroyed the doorway of the underground facility of the steelworks and rescued the evacuated people who were buried alive. However, it is said that the citizens evacuated to the underground facility for almost a month, and it is not clear how many citizens were gathered in the underground facility of the steelworks, which is said to be a nuclear shelter built during the Soviet era. .. It seems unlikely that the general public gathered voluntarily.

Did they consider the US-UK-North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Ukrainian government? On April 8, the Japanese intelligence agency, Public Security Intelligence Agency, which stated that "Azov is a neo-Nazi" in the online version of the "International Terrorism Handbook," suddenly deleted the description without clarifying the reason and caused controversy. It is natural that the Japanese government agency deleted the statement that "the neo-Nazi organization formed the Azov Battalion" as a withdrawal of the previous view. However, the agency said, "(The handbook) is a compilation of public information collected from various media reports inside and outside Japan, reports published by research institutes, etc."  That's an incomprehensible excuse. If the disclosure is canceled because the description is not an original opinion, why has it been posted in the handbook as "Azov is a neo-Nazi" as a compilation of public information? It is incoherent. They are equivalent to proclaiming that "total deletion is in consideration of the recent political situation."

[Images of children in underground evacuation facilities: Provided by Azov Battalion]

Since then, in Japan, NHK and other media outlets have introduced the commander of the Azov battalion in the Azovstal iron and mill, "Russia is attacking with underground penetrating bullets that reach the underground tunnel where civilians evacuate." "I will fight through" and continue to appeal Russia's outrage. At the same time, as if all the influential media had shown, "Azov Battalion was said to have a relationship with the neo-Nazis at the beginning of its formation, but now it is a normal Ukrainian military unit."

UN Secretary-General António Guterres met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on April 26. According to the United Nations, the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have in principle agreed to be involved in the evacuation of civilians hidden in the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works. The specific plan is to be discussed between the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the Russian Ministry of Defense, but it is unclear whether evacuation will be realized.

It was reported that President Putin ordered the attack on the steelworks to be stopped, but Western reports omit that the order to stop the attack was to protect the lives of refugees (hostages). It is uncertain that the evacuation of all will be realized through the mediation of the United Nations. It is clearer than looking at the fire that the Azov Battalion defends the "human shield". Once all the citizens have been evacuated, it is certain that the Russian army will launch a mass attack. The United Nations, which is struggling to rescue everyone, seems to be in a state of disrepair.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who moved to Kieu, the capital of Ukraine, met with President Zelensky and Foreign Minister Kleva on April 28. In response to this, 20 people were reportedly rescued and released outside the steelworks on April 30. However, it seems that the evacuation (liberation) of all refugees (hostages) is uncertain.

After this meeting, two missiles were shot into Kieu. When the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had "destroyed Kyiv's space rocket-related facilities with high-precision missiles," Ukrainian officials announced that one shot hit the lower floors of a 25-story house. President Zelensky accused "a missile jumped in shortly after the meeting, demonstrating Russia's true attitude towards international organizations." A mysterious exchange is escalating.

The Japanese crisis management research team, which has been active mainly in eastern Ukraine since January 2022, concludes as follows. They are by no means a Russian dummy organization. note

"Ukraine is the only one in the world that still has an army based on Nazi ideas as a regular army." "The Ukraine War is not the" battle of democracy vs. totalitarianism "as advocated by the United States. The remnants of the mass Nazis and the US CIA are in a dangerous relationship. "" The Ukraine crisis was carefully planned as part of the US "Russian Collapse Plan", from public photos by NATO and battlefield relics. I can see it. "

Even if the Russian Putin regime is a tyranny that violates freedom and human rights at home while advocating a great Russianism externally, it will not  exempt from significant human rights violations committed by the Ukrainian government backed by US-led NATO. This is a strict fact that everyone must admit.