The end of ”Leaving Asia to Europe” : the United States and Britain killing Japan with Complimenting, Japan's isolation in Asia, Thinking of modern Japan: supplements

The author named the 77 years from 1868 (the first year of the Meiji era) to 1945 (the year of the  defeat of the war against the United States) the first period of modern Japan, and the 77 years from 1945 to 2022 the second period of modern Japan. In the first period, after achieving a certain degree of modernization under the policy of containing Russia (Soviet Union) and Eurasia assisting  the United Kingdom and the United States, the Empire of Japan was limited to the United States and the United Kingdom and rushed into the Asia Pacific War and collapsed and dismantled. Seven years after being occupied by the United States, the second period achieved "independence," but the new Japan has continued to be a military client state of the United States. In the 21st century, Japan chose to contain China, the new leader in Asia, along with the Anglo-Saxon allies led by the United States , Britain and the former European powers. As a result, while Japan is isolated in Asia, it is being manipulated by the United States and Britain, and its national power is exhausted and declined. Before the first year of the third term in 2023, the end of the slogan "Leaving Asia to Europe" in the Meiji era (end of the 19th century) became clear. It is misunderstood that "Leaving Asia to Europe " is derived from Yukichi Fukuzawa's editorial "Withdrawal from Asia" to this day,. But the opposite is true. Now is the time to remind Fukuzawa's claim of "independence of oneself and independence of one country" in "Gakumonn no Susume(Encourage learning )". In the light of the situation in modern Japan, it can be translated as "Japan cannot become a truly independent country unless the Japanese can break away from their subservient dependence on the United States."

■ New military alliance "AUKUS": Japan kicked
The Japanese media has not reported in depth except for a small part, but from September to December 2021, the "Japan-US alliance" = the essence of Japan-US security was exposed to the sun, and Japan An incident occurred that shook the government following the United States.
On September 15, the United States announced that it had selected the United Kingdom and Australia as partners and formed a new military alliance between the United States, Britain and Australia, "AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom, United States)". The secret is being advanced, and it was the announcement of "water in the ears" for Japanese government officials and experts. A tremor struck Japanese officials such as the official residence, foreign affairs, and defense ministries.
Because, for the past 10 years or so, the United States has made Japan "one side of the status quo" among the four countries of Japan, the United States, Australia and India, based on the myth that Japan's former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe proposed the "Open Indo-Pacific" concept. This is because it has been celebrated as the "lord" of the four-country alliance that can contain "the supremacy of China, which is changing." Note: The US administration of Biden has consistently complained that "we do not want a military conflict with China" since its inauguration in January 2021, while imposing military expansion and Taiwan defense on Japan, saying "Know that the Senkaku emergency is a Taiwan emergency." rice field. This was the core of the Japan-US summit meeting that was held on April 15, 2021 by calling Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga (then) to Washington.
At this time, the US Newsweek magazine, which had a solo interview with Prime Minister Suga in Washington, spoke on behalf of the intentions of the US and British governments, saying to the Prime Minister that "Japan is now in a'special relationship'that is on par with Britain for the United States." In the May 18th issue, we published an article as a cover story, "The new chapter of the Japan-US alliance: Japan's heavy responsibility to become the new" head of allies "behind the rising China." .. It was clear that "Japan's heavy responsibility to become the new 'head of allies'" is "the responsibility for the unification of Japan-Taiwan contingencies and the defense of Taiwan." Furthermore, Japan, the new "head of the ally," was also perceived as "defending Taiwan alone, without the United States." Because the United States has professed to avoid a military clash with China.
Meanwhile, AUKUS suddenly appeared. High-ranking Japanese government officials said, "The Japan-US alliance is, after all, a foreigner," as if to cover up the shock. A government-oriented international political scholar (associate professor at the University of Tokyo) has positioned AUKUS as an "alliance on which the United States relies throughout the 21st century in the long run." It's an inner circle. It's a core group. It's not a criticism from Japan, but it's a reality. "
On the US side, "The United Kingdom and Australia are the highest level allies for the United States. The four countries (quads) of Japan, the United States, Australia and India include countries that are not allies like India, but the United Kingdom and Australia are in the past. There is a relationship in which we have fought together in the war ”(Rand Institute researcher), which is the general view of the intellectuals.
In short, Japan is equivalent to being informed that John Dulles is still a "potential enemy country that cannot wipe out distrust" that he wrote after the conclusion of the peace treaty 70 years ago. After being lifted up, he was kicked. The visit to the United States in April 2021 will be remembered for a long time as "Japanese praise killing" by Washington.
Note: Article published on April 22, 2021 "Baiden shown by hamburger lunch, dissonance of Kan, Japan and the United States squeaking around Taiwan", article published on May 1, 2021 "" Taiwan emergency is Japan emergency ", finishing Japan as a shield for Taiwan defense Please refer to the article "The United States" and the article "Three lies about" China's invasion of Taiwan ", disguised" Japan-Taiwan emergency "" on May 17th.
AUKUS top secret preparation while "praise killing"
At the end of March 2021, before the summit meeting, which is the highlight of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's visit to the United States, Andrew Thomson, a former Deputy Foreign Minister of Australia, a quasi-ally of Japan, and a former Minister of Sports and Tourism, said, "The future of the world depends on Japan. A book titled "Stop the invasion of China" was published. Since the announcement of Suga's visit to the United States, the Biden administration has ridiculously promoted "Japan's top priority." The books of former Australian ministers were the culmination of that. The "lifting of Japan" is better than that of the Japanese version of Newsweek.
In the band of the book, "Imagine the world dominated by China is Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Senkaku Islands .... The threat of China's" change of the status quo by force "approaches. Japan is the fort that protects the world's "freedom" from "dictatorship" now! A hot message from a pro-Japanese family who knows the actual situation in Australia after receiving "Silent Invasion". There is an editor's PR.
Author Thomson said, "China will try to take advantage of this crisis while causing a pandemic. Maybe they planned it. China unleashes another dangerous virus to the world. Maybe. Quad members (Japan, US, Australia, India) must be prepared to protect the region, but due to a serious internal problem in the United States, Australia and Japan are bigger in the quad. There is a harsh reality of having to play a role. Japan must amend its constitution and prepare to fight at sea to protect Taiwan as well as the Senkaku Islands. If Taiwan surrenders, the world will be great. Japan will lose sovereignty in a catastrophe. Only Japan can save the world.
In short, Taiwan's defense is thrown to Japan, suggesting that the United States, Britain and Australia will "see the heights" in the unlikely event of a Taiwan-Senkaku emergency. In other words, "Japan should strengthen its four-country alliance (quad) with the United States, Australia and India at the expense of economic relations with China. Japan should significantly strengthen its defense capabilities in order to improve the deterrence of the US-led ally group by participating in the military restraint against China including the United Kingdom and France, including "Free Operation". 
■ Background of the cancellation of Abe's special envoy to Malaysia
Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been buying an agent for the United States and Britain without hesitation, even though it has been used so well by the United States, Britain and Australia.
December 1, 2021. He gave an online lecture at a forum hosted by a Taiwanese think tank, saying that if China attacks Taiwan by force, it will be a contingency of the Japan-US alliance. He pointed out that "The Senkaku Islands, the Maejima Islands, and Yonaguni Island are only about 100 kilometers away from Taiwan." "China's armed invasion of Taiwan causes a serious crisis for Japan." "It has become a contingency for Japan, and it is also a contingency for the Japan-US alliance." It should never be mistaken, "he said." If Taiwan is strong, prosperous, and guarantees freedom and human rights, it will benefit not only Japan but the entire world. " This was a blatant threat to China on behalf of Washington.
Washington's real intention is "avoid armed conflict with China." There was also a report that the US government criticized Abe's remark that "China's invasion of Taiwan by force ... is an emergency in Japan and also an emergency in the Japan-US alliance" with courage and shadow. As I have repeatedly pointed out above, for Washington, "The Senkaku emergency is a Taiwan emergency. The Japan-Taiwan emergency is united. It is Japan that defends Taiwan."
The United States is frustrated that Southeast Asian nations, which can be said to be the cornerstone of  siege of China, have far surpassed the scale of the United States and have formed great economic ties with China and have stopped transferring the United States. Prime Minister Lee of Singapore and President Duterte of the Philippines have stated that the era of resolute military and economic choices between the United States and China is over.
Just as Prime Minister Suga visited Indonesia, the leader country with the secretariat of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and Vietnam, which is the most confrontation with China, before visiting the United States in April 2021, former Prime Minister Abe and other successive Prime Ministers also visited Washington, has been obliged to visit ASEAN. It was the support of the United States to "take in ASEAN here."
The US administration of Biden, which was inaugurated in January 2021, sees that Japan no longer has the power to persuade ASEAN, so in July the same, Defense Secretary Austin became three countries including the Philippines and Vietnam, and Vice President Harris became Singapore in August. We visited Vietnam and tried to strengthen relations with ASEAN. But, of course, the results were equal.
Former Prime Minister Abe appeared there again. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad advocated the Look East policy 40 years ago as a leader of the anti-American non-aligned movement, saying "Learn from Japan", and 2022 will be the 40th anniversary. Therefore, Abe himself sold himself to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and was scheduled to go to the site as a Malaysian special envoy on December 3. However, it was canceled on the same day due to the corona disaster. That said, Corona is an excuse, and it is likely that the Malaysian government has rejected Abe as Washington's agent.
Instead, Prime Minister Kishida held a telephone talk with Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri for about half an hour the following day. At the summit meeting, ASEAN seems to have reiterated to the Japanese side that it has come up with its own "Indo-Pacific" concept and is different from the "free and open Indo-Pacific" of the United States, Britain and Australia.
Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who called in 004, "Japanese, return to the starting point of success," has deepened his disappointment with Japan, which has just followed the United States in recent years. The eyes of ASEAN Japan on Japan have become even more severe.
At this time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a summit meeting in New Delhi, the capital of India, on December 6. The two countries have strengthened their military and energy ties, with India agreeing to begin talks to conclude an agreement that would allow the naval base to be used for refueling and repairing Russian ships. .. India has participated in the "quad" framework with Japan, the United States and Australia, but has traditionally maintained military ties with Russia, which means the hollowing out of the quad.
Japan is only deepening its isolation not only in East Asia but in Asia as a whole.