The U.S. deception exposed in the Ukraine war will be pointed at. The re-emergence of anti-American conservatives in Japan and the assassination of Abe

A group close to Abe of the Liberal Democratic Party Seiwakai (Abe faction), who lost former Prime Minister Abe in a shooting incident, has begun to directly criticize the United States over the situation in Ukraine. They liken Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Chiang Kai-shek, president of the Chinese Kuomintang during the Sino-Japanese War, and believe that the quagmire of Japan's invasion of China was due to the conspiracy of the United States behind Chiang Kai-shek. According to them, `` Japan unilaterally invaded China in the Greater East Asia War, and finally challenged war to the United States, a democratic nation, and was defeated. ". And "Japan's conservatives reject the dualism of 'U.S.-Britain = good Japan = evil' in the previous war, but when it comes to the current Ukraine problem, they have no doubts about 'Ukraine = good Russia = evil'. Supports Ukrainian Zelensky government. This will lead to the endorsement of the Tokyo Tribunal." He has identified the dark side of the U.S. and U.K. regarding the situation in Ukraine , appealed to see through the deception, and suggested that Japan must be vigilant so that the U.S. does not unilaterally use Japan, including in the case of the Taiwanese emergency. there is
■ Japan's post-war regime shattered
Starting with the article published on February 18, 2021, "Conservative 'mainstream' reversal and US pressure: anti-communist powers and Seiwakai rule 1", the belligerent US ruling class centered on US neocons・In order to carry out the 2011 invasion of Afghanistan and the Iraq War in 2003, Mori, who belongs to the Seiwakai (now the Abe faction), which is a descendant of the LDP hawkish network led by Nobusuke Kishi , who has a strong sense of revival, was appointed as a member of the group. Yoshiro, Junichiro Koizumi, Shinzo Abe, and Yasuo Fukuda were appointed as prime ministers in succession. With the exception of Fukuda, all were overly aligned with the neoconservatives' "war on terrorism."
Then, the second Abe administration, which was revived after appealing for “the DPJ government: three years of nightmare,” granted the Self-Defense Forces the right to exercise collective self-defense, making it a supplementary force for the US military. Abe's bullet-dead legacy is the deployment of 500 American Tomahawks to intercept Chinese surface-to-ship missiles aimed at mainland China on behalf of the United States. "Intercept" and "counterattack" are just evasions, and in reality, as part of the "Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD)" promoted by the United States, intermediate-range missiles capable of preemptive strikes will be deployed on the Nansei Islands near the coast of China. . With the completion of the SDF base on Ishigaki Island in 2023, the "enemy base attack capability" will be in place.
Through this, the "preemptive strike capability" that shatters the exclusively defense-oriented concept that formed the core of Japan's postwar regime into pieces is a deterrent to defend US warships in the Western Pacific and US bases in Japan. It is not intended to protect the general public in Japan. In other words, it is the Chinese military's maritime military strategy, " Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD)," which prevents and eliminates the invasion of the US Navy and Air Force into the South China Sea , East China Sea, and Sea of ​​Japan , which form the inner side of the first island chain . It aims to break down the
■ Abe-ism that has already been used
Now, the Seiwakai- Abe faction, a former `` conservative fringe'' faction, was given important positions for a time when the Korean War broke out in 1950, which decisively reversed the course of the Japanese occupation, but Shigeru Yoshida is the founder of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. It was under the control of the conservative mainstream faction "Kochikai". It was after the Gulf War in 1991 that the Seiwakai personal network was singled out . The Seiwakai administration swallows up Washington's request to make the Self-Defense Forces directly and supplementary to the US military and to make China a force capable of deterring China. To reiterate, Abe's longest-serving administration has advocated "proactive pacifism," militarily completely integrated the U.S. military and the Self-Defense Forces, and effectively made Japan a member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).
But Washington could not have dispelled its concerns about the Abe faction and the right-wing groups surrounding it. His biggest concern was the desire to worship the emperor's authoritarian state, which was wriggling among the Abe faction, who pretended to be "100% with the United States" at every opportunity. There was no doubt that their revivalism overlapped not only with nostalgia for the imperial system and militaristic Japan before the war, but also with historical revisionism that flatly denied the U.S. occupation policy and the Tokyo Tribunal.
Reflecting on the first administration, the second Abe administration almost did not show it on the surface, and devoted itself to pro-American conservatives. But Abe-ism is no more. The proof of this is the appointment of Fumio Kishida, the leader of the conservative mainstream ``Koikekai'', which had become a weak fourth faction, to the position of Prime Minister. Kishida's "Hiroikekai" has doubled its defense budget, ditched its former policy of "lightly armed and prioritized economics," and by maintaining the ability to attack enemy bases, minimize public opposition and act as Washington wishes. Moreover, in its political creed, there is no retronationalism like that of the Abe faction. From now on, even if the CIA's covert maneuvers make the opposition party's joint struggle impossible, and among the opposition forces that have shattered the organization into pieces and split into small parties, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, the pro-American faction of the Constitutional Democratic Party, the Democratic Party for the People, etc. will form a coalition with the Kishida Liberal Democratic Party, but the Aso faction and the Kishida faction. There are many ways to keep the "dangerous pro-American conservative government" going.
■ Anti-American magma erupts
Abe's murder completely blocked the path to prime minister for ultra-rightist Sanae Takaichi, who Abe most favored as his successor during his lifetime and who can be described as his fraternal twin sister. The same is true for Taro Kono, who advocated the complete abolition of nuclear power plants. The Kishida Cabinet is likely to avoid a crash while continuing to fly low.
Under such circumstances, among the Japanese conservative politicians who are rallying to the Abe faction, the assassination of Abe, as mentioned above, has caused the disguise of ``pro-American'' to fall away, and the original fierce ``anti-American, anti-American'' and ``denial of defeat''. Magma was erupting. The personal connections surrounding the suffrage party, which won a seat in the House of Councilors election and is likely to gain power in the future, are connected to Abe's inner circle. Appealing to voters that the true cause of Japan's decline since the bursting of the bubble economy was the result of the United States' policies toward Japan, a right-wing journalist who broke up with the Nippon Kaigi exposing the reality of the United States and Britain and their deep states on the YouTube channel called "Japan. Independence” is appealing.
A former ambassador to Ukraine, a historian who explains modern history from the perspective of the conspiracies of international financial capital such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, a professor of engineering at Kyoto University who served as an advisor to the Cabinet Secretariat of the Abe administration, and an American politician in Washington for 30 years. Critics appeared on YouTube one after another to explain the reverse side of the United States and Britain, and as chairman of the self-governing association of the University of Tokyo, he turned from an anti-Japanese communist Bund (communist alliance) activist, and after resigning from the University of Tokyo, he became a genuine conservative thinker . The late Nishibe Susumu, who developed a speech advocating , has the greatest influence on Abe's inner circle . Like the American neoconservatives, there is nothing worse than a former leftist who has turned to conservatives and strongly appeals for Japan's independence. 
However, Japan, which has become independent from the United States, is, in the end, ``a Japan that has 126 imperial lineages that are unparalleled in the world'' . This is the exact opposite of the goal of ``a democratic Japan liberated from the emperor's belief'' that the new dealers of the GHQ Civil Affairs Bureau continued for several years from 1945. They are still obsessed with the imperial view of history, seeing Japan as a country ruled by an immutable emperor. There is no room for democratic regime change or power change. The Potsdam Declaration was accepted, but its contents were spit on. The end of 77 years of slavery to the United States was the birth of a new ultra right wing.
■ Abe faction: Absolute denial of the Tokyo trial
A summary of the denial of the Tokyo trial by former aides on behalf of Abe is as follows.
“In response to the Zelensky administration, which trampled on the 2015 Minsk Agreement 2, which granted a high degree of autonomy to the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine with the backing of the United States, we recognized the independence of Donbass and invoked the collective security right. Putin Russia overlaps with the former Empire of Japan.
Since it is not true that Japan invaded Korea or China, the results of the Tokyo Trials cannot be accepted. Korea was annexed with the consent of the other party, and the recognition that it was a colony is wrong. With the Russian invasion of Korea looming, Korea chose to follow Japan. Japan did not adopt a Western-style colonial policy of exploiting resources, but tried to bring Korea to the same level of education and social capital as Japan. Active investment in Korea and Manchuria has become the cornerstone of the prosperity of China and South Korea today. In fact, Japan was devoted to China and Korea, not to take it.
The main reason that Japan was lured into the Greater East Asia War was the prolonged war between Chiang Kai-shek and Japan, and the beginning of the China Incident was the Marco Polo Bridge Incident. This was an attack by the Chinese Communist Party. Neither Chiang Kai-shek nor Japan originally intended to go to war. Chiang Kai-shek was trying to protect the country from the West together with Japan. However, due to the Xi'an Incident, he was forced to cooperate with the state. The United States provided weapons and financial support to the Kuomintang army from the Burma area in the form of aid routes. The war expands and prolongs, and eventually Japan is dragged into the war with the United States. The United States used Chiang Kai-shek to drag Japan into the war against the United States.
It is the United States that is doing outrageous things such as making Ukraine abandon the Minsk Agreement, making Russia invade, and providing state-of-the-art weapons and funds to wage war against Russia. They don't fight directly and let Ukraine wage a proxy war, which is the same as what the United States did during the China Incident. "Support small countries to crush big countries". It's outrageous.
Furthermore, the cross-flow of relief supplies. Weapons handed over to armed groups are used for indiscriminate terrorism. America is doing terrible things. Moreover, Japan once did the same thing to the United States.
It is natural for Japanese people to see the Ukrainian coverage negatively. That's what Prime Minister Mori said. ”
■ Reality of neoconservatives: "We don't need friends, we only need national interests"
Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, who criticized President Zelensky and his US backer in November over the situation in Ukraine, is also the former leader of the Seiwakai and the person closest to Abe. Seeing this, it is not surprising that there are those who believe that the best way is to extinguish the smoldering spark of Abe-ism, which has become obsolete, before it flares up in earnest and becomes a flame. Even if I suspect that the dark side of the assassination of Shinzo Abe in July overlaps with that, I don't think it's too much .
Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger , who is devoted to realist diplomacy and balance of power theory, is said to have muttered the following when he abandoned the South Vietnamese puppet government and withdrew US troops after the defeat of the Vietnam War was certain.
"To be America's enemy can be dangerous, but to be America's friend is deadly."