The Ukrainian scene reports that "the battle had already begun before the war". Press fascism to silence this

Two months from February 24, when Russia invaded the military. Every day and every moment, the Ukrainian crisis is reported in all media. The war in Ukraine is a state of emergency for the recipients of the press, but people can't afford to spend time collecting and analyzing news information. Therefore, the content of the media coverage that people come into contact with every day is crucial. Russia's military invasion clearly violated this, as the Charter of the United Nations (Article 2.4) stipulates that "the threat or use of force in international affairs should be curbed." Therefore, it was absolutely evil. Since then, reports of Russian denunciations on the US and European sides have continued without interruption, dismissing allegations that stood on the Russian side as if they were useless, and the content of the reports was thoroughly imprinted in the minds of viewers and readers. There is a report from Ukraine that "the battle had already begun before the official outbreak of the war." Reports trying to resist the big tide are quickly overwhelmed by enormous pressure, creating press fascism.

■ Field research team: "The battle had already begun before the war."

A Japanese private group, which had formed a field research team in Ukraine since the beginning of this year, reports:

"Before the war (Russia's military invasion on February 24) began, there was a tremendous provocation on the part of the United States, Britain, and Ukraine to somehow bring Putin's Russia into the war. For example, Ukraine. , Has long sought to join NATO, which is the red line for Russia. Five days before the start of the war, he even said at the Munich Security Conference on February 19 that President Zelensky might change Ukraine's policy of non-retention of nuclear weapons. In other words, Zelensky stated, "If NATO does not protect Ukraine, we will have nuclear weapons." This was one of the triggers for this Russian military invasion. "

"Furthermore, since the so-called Maidan Revolution = Photograph = in 2014, a violent revolution supported by the United States, Russian residents have been severely abused and killed by neo-Nazi ethnic extremists in Ukraine. Not made public. Since the end of last year, the Biden administration has been saying "Russia, Russia". This time the result was an invasion of the Russian army. For this reason, it is said that "Look, what Biden was saying was correct", but this means that the United States and Britain eventually succeeded in making Russia shoot the first shot. It's just that. The United States and Britain have succeeded in getting Russia to shoot the official first shot, although they have already shot many shots. "

"The scale of this war is far more restrained than the Biden administration had hoped for. Putin calls it a" special military operation "rather than a" war. "For them. It's just about suppressing the neo-Nazi forces and protecting Russians. This is no doubt. In the first place, the cause of this situation is the tremendous provocation of the Biden administration against Russia, which required a war for the military industry. Furthermore, the cause is the corrupt Ukrainian attitude of wanting to receive any money in response to the American intention. "

"In the field, the move was really more intense after the Russian troops finished their exercises on February 16 and said,'We will withdraw.' For example, February 20-21, four days before the Russian invasion. The Line of contact, which weighs about 500 kilometers, broke through a warning line that ants couldn't enter, and something like a Ukrainian military special work team successfully broke into Donetsk. Attempts were made to destroy substations and infrastructure facilities around Donetsk, but the Donetsk Oblast side was detected and surrounded, and the fighting continued. The Donetsk People's Republic side also suffered multiple casualties.
Russian border guards were shot from Ukraine. In some cases, Ukrainian special operations units and Ukrainian army combat armored vehicles invaded Russian territory. In other words, the battle had already begun before the war. "

"On February 11, a drone believed to belong to the Ukrainian army was shot down over Donpas, which was also used to supply weapons and ammunition to pro-Ukrainian government militia and the Azov Battalion.
From February 18-21, there were more than 2,000 ceasefire violations (based on the Minsk 2 ceasefire agreement) in eastern Ukraine. In short, he had begun a lot of fierce fighting on the scene after the Russian army announced on February 16 that "we have finished the exercises" and began withdrawing. According to the information on the scene, it seems as if they had intentionally disturbed the security and rampaged in order not to return to the Russian army. "

■ "Another perspective"

A reporter should be a title given only to those who have developed the ability to read and analyze various complicated information as accurately as possible. The information provided by the field research team above, aside from the judgment of correctness, cannot be ignored. Many Western media reporters, including Japan, should be wary that they should not be drowned in the flood of information from the United States, Britain and NATO. In mid-April, a column entitled "Ukraine, Another Perspective" was published in a major Japanese newspaper.

The column introduces the claims made in the Japanese media by French historical demographer Emmanuel Todd and Chinese researcher Homare Endo, who hold the responsibility of the United States. "I have declined coverage in France, where the media does not allow calm debate," Todd said. "The responsibility for the war lies with the United States and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)." Introducing a YouTube video of Mearsheimer, a former Air Force officer and political scientist at the University of Chicago who criticizes the Biden administration's Ukrainian policy, pointed out:

"The United States and Europe have ignored Russia's warning that'we will never allow NATO to enter Ukraine', saying that Russia will never counterattack." "The United States and Britain have ignored Russia's invasion before it began." , Sending a large amount of high-performance weapons and military advisory groups to Ukraine to encourage "arming". "

Next, he introduces the following sentence in the latest issue of Homare Endo, a commentator on Chinese studies, "China's Strategy for Russia in the Ukrainian War."

"Ukraine was originally aiming for neutrality. It was Vice President Biden in 2009 who broke it. Biden said,'If Ukraine joins NATO, the United States will strongly support Ukraine.'" On the other hand, he invited the crazy Putin to attack by telling him, "If a war occurs in Ukraine, the US military will not intervene."

"81-year-old Endo was injured when she was hit by the former Manchurian capital, Shinkyo (Changchun) = photo = immediately after World War II when she was a girl. She suffered a food blockage and starved to death. She survived in a camp on the corpses of those who had been injured. She was reminded of the news footage of the Ukrainian War, trembled and went to the hospital. And she wrote the latest article in 10 days. Thereby  overcame PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). "

And write this.

"Endo is not an anti-American. Rather, he has a sharp criticism of China, but she said, 'Unless we look straight at the US war business after World War II, humanity will never escape the war. I can't do that, so I sent an article to Yahoo News that focused on criticizing the United States. " She recalls, "She was sometimes prepared to be 'badly bashed', but with over 2.8 million accesses, most of them were positive, and 'I felt like I was getting the ground to accept the debate.'" . "

■ Already press fascism

The content claimed by Todd and Endo overlaps with what this blog has consistently appealed for the past two months. This reporter is a well-known veteran reporter in the Japanese media industry with the title of special editorial board member. However, the major newspapers to which he belongs always put the crown of "one-sided" on the Russian side's claims, such as "one-sided statement" and "one-sided claim". They continue to denounce as if they had decided to reject everything about Russia.

Meanwhile, this reporter may have been forced into a situation where he had no choice but to give the title "another perspective" even if he had the title of a special editorial board member. But Japanese reporters are virtually forbidden to express their opinions. How do you and the newspaper evaluate Endo's view that "the soil is being created to accept the (criticism of the United States) debate"? How does he himself honestly view the crisis in Ukraine? He does not show his position, but ends up with an introduction to "another perspective." It is the escape itself.

In the end, the reporter said in the conclusion, "The reality of East Asia is not so sweet that the Japan-US alliance can be disregarded," and adapted to the big trend. This is equivalent to a vow not to go against the world led by the Anglo-Saxon of the United States and Britain. He finally says, "Don't get involved in the US war business," while strongly supporting the US-Japan alliance, the US-Japan security system. His claim is just inconsistent.

The newspaper's denunciation of Russia is escalating every day. Reporters are almost all crushed by pressure and do not go against the huge flow. Fascism is already born in the western press.