■ Neo-Nazis taken into the United States
The Public Security Intelligence Agency of Japan posted an article on its website entitled "The Rising Threat of Far-Right Radicals and International Connections," writing:
"In 2014, after Ukrainian pro-Russian armed groups began to occupy the eastern part of Donbas, a neo-Nazi organization calling itself" Ukrainian Patriot "formed a unit called" Azov Battalion. " , It is said that foreign fighters with white supremacy and neo-Nazi ideas were solicited mainly from Westerners, and about 2,000 Westerners who participated in the Ukrainian conflict, including the same unit. "
NATO headquarters has recently disseminated photos of Ukrainian female militias on Twitter. However, the "Wolfsangel" emblem used by the Nazi Guards = the above photo = was confirmed on the chest of the female militia, and NATO hastily erased Twitter. The "Azov Battalion" that uses this coat of arms is an organization belonging to the National Guard of Ukraine, which is a domestic military organization under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and is a regular army of Ukraine.
According to Toshihiko Shiobara, an associate professor at Kochi University (Russian economic theory), "Ukraine Gate: Information Manipulation and Ambition of" Neocon "", it caused confusion in the process from the 2014 Ukraine crisis to the merger of Russia's Crimean crisis. It is highlighted from evidence that the cause of the crisis lies in the Ukrainian nationalism and the US Neocon, which controls its "radicals" behind the scenes. The Ukrainian crisis is said to be the "Ukraine Gate Incident" set up by President Obama.
The Ukrainian neo-Nazis have set up a number of groups to receive funding from the George Soros Foundation and NGOs, and have used TV, the Internet, and unmanned aerial vehicles to carry out anti-government activities. It is revealed that the movement was directly directed by the then Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine. In addition, the neo-Nazis carried by the United States entered the Ukrainian government as several ministers including the deputy prime minister.
The biggest beneficiaries are the US military-industrial complex. Associate Professor Shiobara's book had a plan from that time that a U.S. gas company targeting the European market had a plan to "make Russia a bad guy and make European countries aware of the danger of excessive gas dependence on Russia." Is telling me.
■ Neocon madness
The person who led the neo-Nazi group, which became the mainstay in the 2014 coup d'etat, is Dmitro Jaroche. He has been a member of NATO's secret force network since 2007. Neo-Nazis, including Jaros, participate in the US war against Russia in Chechnya and connect with jihad mercenaries in the Middle East. At that time, the US Ambassador to NATO was Nuland, who was the Assistant Secretary of State under the Obama administration. The current President Biden was in charge of the coup d'etat as Vice President at the White House as her boss.
Following the disappearance of the Soviet Union in December 1991, the US Department of Defense prepared a draft defense plan guideline in February 1992. The chief executive was Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney, but at the center was Under Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. The later draft underlying the Bush Doctrine not only prevented the revival of the former Soviet Union, but also focused on the containment of potential threats such as China and the European Union (EU). It also targeted the Middle East in an attempt to control the energy resources that underlie US hegemony.
According to Wesley Clark, then Supreme Commander of the European Union Army, in 1991 Wolfowitz aimed to annihilate Iraq, Syria and Iran as a prelude to Russia's containment, ignoring the United Nations and acting alone in the United States. Justified. It can be said that the Wolfowitz draft was the first to embody the Brzezinski concept, which positioned the United States as "the first non-Eurasian state to control Eurasia".
With such a doctrine as the cause, the US neo-conservatives are willing to use force and have been trying to change the system of hostile nations by playing with measures. It violates the sovereignty of the democratized domino and causes numerous bloodsheds.
After the George W. Bush administration, the US neoconservatives, who were ostensibly quiet in both the Obama and Trump administrations, are regaining momentum in the Biden administration. They reject the permanent member system of the UN Security Council, promote the new Cold War against Russia and China, ignore the international order by the United Nations of World War II, and obsess over the U.S. sole supremacy. Can we say that Neocon is the "devil of the modern world"? Putin Russia's greatest concern must have been the destination of the neoconservative madness that emerged in Ukraine.
■ U.S. rulers who have taken in the right wing of Japan
The formation of the Nippon Kaigi, which can be said to be Japan's far-right nationalist organization, and its subsequent history are linked to the movement of the US neoconservatives. Since this issue overlaps with the subject of this blog, I recommend you to refer to the article already posted, and only the main points are described here.
Needless to say, the biggest enemy for US neocons and the ruling class is Communist China. The US conservative mainstream specifically expected the rise of China in the early 1990s after the end of the Cold War, and now needed the ruling Liberal Democratic Party led by the Seiwakai, led by former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
Return the hands of the clock back to the mid-1950s. At the time when Abe's grandfather and former war criminal Nobusuke Kishi returned to politics, the main focus of the US policy toward Japan was to use the right-wing forces represented by Kishi to make Japan an anti-communist breakwater. rice field. However, at the same time, it was Japan's far-right nationalist forces that had to be contained in a big revival. Shortly after the defeat, Japan's right wing turned the brunt of the attack toward the United States, which dismantled the imperial Japan. Therefore, it was an urgent issue how to suppress and take revenge on the United States, the leader of the occupation policy that destroyed the "national polity and tradition of Japan".
The solution is the "income doubling plan" based on the catchphrase "tolerance and patience" of the Hayato Ikeda Cabinet, which succeeded Kishi, that is, the high economic growth policy. Transforming the political season into an economic era, engrossing the Japanese in the "arrival of a prosperous consumer society" and " all 100 million middle-class consciousness" brought about by high economic growth, and anti-American sentiment while skillfully manipulating the anti-right wing. Succeed in diluting. Taro Aso, whose maternal grandfather is Shigeru Yoshida, said at a regular press conference at the Ministry of Finance at the end of 2019, "Mr. Ikeda was an ardent reformist. I revealed. It is suggested that the post-war maintenance main channel line itself of "lightly armed economy priority" was laid by the United States.
However, Japan was extremely successful economically and became a new enemy of the United States in the 1980s. There, a trap is set up to crush Japan and weaken its economy. That is the 1991 bubble burst and the lost 30 years. Among them, accumulated dissatisfaction with the state of postwar Japan, including the occupation policy of the United States, appears as a flow of constitutional amendment movements and praise of imperial history. note
In 1997, the far-right organization Nippon Kaigi was formed, and eventually it was disguised as the ideological device of the first Abe administration. The emergence of the first Abe administration (2006-2007), which is about to return to the prewar period, was a shock to the US, Europe, China, and the victorious countries, and the Abe-Nippon Kaigi administration collapsed in a year after being thoroughly bashed. In the wake of this setback, Washington will control the Nippon Kaigi in 2007 and launch a brotherhood in Japan with the aim of directing the Japanese towards China's hostility. They supported the Abe administration earnestly while hate China and South Korea.
Abe deepens his relationship with the neo-conservatives for re-pitching. In particular, I. Lewis Libby, senior deputy director of the Hudson Institute, played an important role. Libby is a student of Paul Wolfowitz at Yale University. It is said that Michael Green and Patrick Kronin were under Libby.
Abe, who visited the United States in early 2013 after re-pitching, was regarded by President Obama as a right-wing nationalist and was treated thoroughly. The one who rushed from the White House quickly was the Center for Strategic and Environmental Studies (CSIS) = photo =, which was called the Japan Handler and was taken by Green et al. Abe, who stood in the greeting, said, "I'm back" at the opening. This word symbolizes the "newborn Shinzo Abe" tamed by the neo-conservatives, and every time he declares "100% with the United States", he is unabashedly repeating.
The feelings of the Abe-Nippon Kaigi Group, which is at the top of Japan's right-wing forces who praise Japan as a god with a world-class imperial rule and despise neighboring countries in Asia while being Asian, overlap with neo-Nazis. The US neoconservatives and rulers who handle this have been successful in using the Ukrainian crisis to make the Japanese a target of disgust and attack on "China + Russia."