Ukraine fights Russia on behalf of the United States. Germany and France that mediated peace are ignored

The current war in Ukraine is reported to be "Russia's military invasion of Ukraine." However, the reality is that Ukraine is fighting Russia on behalf of the United States. The U.S. government was behind the Ukrainian government, which continued to neglect to implement the 2015 Minsk Agreement 2, which is centered on constitutional amendments to grant high autonomy to separatists in the two eastern states of Ukraine. Germany and France have mediated the Minsk agreement, but the media of both countries also have a harsh tone against Ukraine. This is because the positions of Germany and France are quite different from those of the United States. Here, we look back on Ukraine's response to the Minsk agreement and confirm that Russia is trapped on the US side.

■ German media blame Ukraine

An overview of Minsk II was given in the article "Ukraine Crisis and Media Literacy" published on March 9, 2022. "German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock accuses Putin of breaking the Minsk agreement, but it's not that simple," the German economic newspaper "Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten" claimed in an article dated February 23. Germany and France emphasized that they would continue to negotiate mediation between Russia and Ukraine, and asserted:

"The Minsk agreement has been rejected by the Ukrainian side for many years. The responsibility for the failure of the agreement lies with Ukraine.'Kiev leaders did not want to implement Minsk 2 signed in February 2015',' Minsk 2 Was ruined because Ukraine didn't try to do it. "

Minsker Abkommen: Putin ist schuld --oder doch nicht? (

[Photo] A frame before the joint shooting after the signing of the Minsk Agreement 2 on February 11, 2015, which was published in the same paper. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (at that time) worriedly stared at President Putin, who was very tired and confused. French Prime Minister Hollande (same) staring at the Ukrainian President Polocienko (same) as if he were standing.


Most of the wars in Ukraine are reported in [Washington Report] in Japan. Germany and France, which have been struggling to avoid war on the European continent, will not be taken up. The West Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is lumped with the US NATO, but of course, the position of Germany and France, which is connected to Russia and Ukraine and has a historical relationship, is far from that of the US and Britain. ..

■ Provoking Russia with the inauguration of the Biden administration

If you follow the German media, you can clearly read the following.

Russia would not have invaded the military if Ukraine had faithfully implemented the Minsk Agreement. Only the Ukrainian government can grant autonomy to eastern separatist areas. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who took office in 2019, has ruined the agreement rather than failing to do so. He called the separatist representatives who were the parties to the agreement terrorists and refused to sit at the negotiating table. On the contrary, with the support of US NATO, he strengthened his military power and provoked Russia, and was poised to fully promote Ukraine's accession to NATO.

With the inauguration of the Biden administration in the United States, the Zelensky administration has clearly set out this policy. Under the Biden administration, Victoria Noorant, Assistant Secretary of State (in charge of Europe and Eurasia) at the time of the Obama administration, who had made a big leap in the 2014 Ukrainian political change, was appointed as Under Secretary of State. In March 2021, the Zelensky administration will approve the "Military Security Strategy" with "Ukraine's accession to NATO" as a top priority. In September of the same year, he set out an action plan for "reintegration of Crimea" and announced a policy to recapture Crimea.

Furthermore, he even expressed the view that the Minsk Agreement is neither a treaty nor an agreement and is not binding under international law. In other words, the Minsk agreement was effectively abandoned by Ukraine before Russia moved.

It can be said that the series of movements of the Zelensky administration after the inauguration of the US Biden administration made the military confrontation with Russia clear.

■ Zelensky denounces Germany

Ukrainian President Zelensky has taken down Germany on behalf of Washington.

According to reports from Berlin, the president, who made a video speech in the Bundestag on March 17, criticized Germany for helping to create a "new wall" between Ukraine and Europe. He denounced that "Germany has deepened its economic ties and made Russia earn war expenses, and has slackened Ukraine's request to join NATO, giving top priority to its economic ties with Russia until the last minute."

"Instead of the Berlin Wall, there is a wall in Europe that separates freedom and non-freedom, which rises every time a bomb falls and every time a decision to help Ukraine is forgotten."

Perhaps to suggest that this is a dissatisfaction with Merkel's former administration, he appealed to Prime Minister Olaf Scholz to "break the wall."

The German government decided to provide weapons to Ukraine on February 26, as Western countries decided to provide weapons one after another following the military invasion of Russia. Postwar Germany's policy of not exporting weapons to conflict zones was changed.

"Russia's invasion of Ukraine was a turning point. It is our duty to support Ukraine," Scholz =photo=said in a statement. But President Zelensky overthrew the German government in a video speech at the German Parliament above.

This is still a testament to Washington's near-hostility towards Berlin.

The new German Cabinet, which was established in December 2021, is a coalition government of three centre-left, centre-right, and environmental parties with disparate policies. The Social Democratic Party, led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, is basically pro-Russia. Although Prime Minister Olaf Scholz has been said to have a slightly different texture, this hard-line remark against Russia can be regarded as a pose to maintain the coalition government.

Germany's policy toward Russia remains a major factor in the future situation in Ukraine.

■ Did Putin fall into a trap?

President Biden, who spoke of World War III, stated that he would avoid armed conflict with Russia and invited Russia to invade Ukraine. Putin Russia, which has embarked on a military invasion, has been exposed not only to armed attacks on Russian troops by Ukrainian troops within Ukrainian territory, but also to sanctions and barrage of speech with all the power of the West. President Biden abandoned Putin 21 times in a 10-minute speech on March 8.

Wasn't it a carefully calculated trap?

The U.S.-Ukraine Union has prepared carefully to lure Russian troops. The invasion stagnation of the Russian army speaks for itself above all.