Western media suspects "Ukraine has manipulated information?" But US smart power is on a thick wall

The Ukrainian army announced on March 11th that the Russian Air Force invaded Belarus territory near the border from within Ukraine and bombed it. At the same time, the army accused Russia of "air raids are a camouflage to bring Belarus into combat against Ukraine." U.S. Department of Defense sources immediately denied that "there is no information that Russian troops bombed a Belarusian settlement." For this reason, some Western media have reported that "the Ukrainian side seems to have set up an information warfare." Western reporters, who have just spilled the Ukrainian authorities' announcements, are also proof that they are suffering from a guilty conscience. However, it cannot be expected to become an "ant hole". Although they are worried about the excessive manipulation of information on the Ukrainian side, they cannot loosen the criticism of Russia.

■ Russia is an "unattractive society"

Some Russian retired generals said, "Russia could not build an attractive society." This word is heavy. It is said that the retired General Iwashov = photo = who is firmly opposed to the eastern expansion of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) strongly opposed the invasion of Ukraine in an "open letter" this January and even requested "Putin's resignation". Some say that the letter is forged, but I will omit it here.

The low morale of soldiers is cited as one of the causes of the struggle of the Russian army that invaded Ukraine. In addition, the Ukrainian side possesses state-of-the-art weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles brought in from abroad. The Russian army suffered unexpected damage from it. It is no wonder that the morale of Russian soldiers who cannot find a cause for the invasion of their brotherhood does not rise.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who has been criticized as the last dictator in Europe, is now the only Putin-Russian ally in Europe. Most of the Western people have regarded the Slavic world as a lagging society. For them, the Asian world is a backward region far from democracy. It has been imprinted in the long history, and the idea that "democracy does not take root in non-American and European societies" is extremely deep-rooted. Japan is no exception.

■ China denounces "American history of aggression"

The feelings of the Slavic inhabitants of Eastern Europe, where the complex and longing for Western European countries such as Britain, France, and Germany are mixed, can be immediately felt when we come into contact with them. It should be known to some extent that Britain, along with the United States, has manipulated the Ukrainian government to adopt the so-called double standard, which has both sides, and is doing inhumane sabotage behind the scenes. However, the majority still regards the slab and the Asian world as an unattractive tyrannical society and never flutters with it.

As if to speak for Russia's dissatisfaction and anger, China's state-run Xinhua News Agency denounced the history of US aggression and its blemishes in an article distributed on April 10, 2021.

"According to a paper on the 'US War of aggression' by the China Human Rights Study Group, of the 248 armed conflicts that occurred in 153 regions around the world from the end of World War II to 2001, 201 were triggered by the United States. In addition, the United States frequently interferes with other countries in ways such as supporting surrogate wars, invading rebellions, assassinating, providing weapons and ammunition, and fostering anti-government armed groups, and the social stability of the country and the people's Serious damage to safety .... The US foreign war has caused a series of social problems such as numerous casualties, destruction of facilities, stagnant production, mass refugees, social upheaval, environmental crisis, and psychological trauma."

Washington hasn't made a noticeable objection to this.

In Ukraine, the pro-Russian government collapsed in the 2014 political change following the 2004 Orange Revolution. No matter how evidence and logic this is brought about by the sabotage of the United States and Britain, it is difficult to turn the flow of pro-American Europe. It's not just because of the biased media.

■ Advantages of US Soft Power

After World War II, Washington promoted the charm of American culture to the world, especially young people. Soft power diplomacy has sublimated to smart power under the Obama administration (2009-2017). Joseph Nye, an international political scholar and known as a Japan handler, tried to overcome the decline of American hegemony in the 1980s by soft power (political power, cultural influence, etc.) instead of hard power (military power, resources, etc.). He became a leading figure in American political academia by discussing using the concept of. "

In order to get the desired results from the other country, it is better to use a good combination of hard power that exercises military and economic power and soft power that gains support and sympathy through attractiveness such as culture, values, and foreign policy. You can build relationships. " He explains that this power has given the United States an absolute advantage.

[Photo] "Global Times" dated November 16, 2010, which published an editorial saying "Asia should be wary of the" smart power "of the United States" along with a photo of US Secretary of State Bill Clinton (at the time of the Obama administration) on the left.

As an example, looking at the countries of origin of international students to the United States as of 2019, China accounts for about 370,000, which is one-third of the total, and has been the worst since 2009. Even if you look at this alone, you can see the future trends of Chinese society to some extent.

Russia and China lack the soft power to break the double standard of the United States and the United Kingdom. However, the movement behind the western rulers, which continues to bring great tragedy to the world, cannot be neglected.

This is the biggest dilemma of modern politics.