What Former Princess Mako and Mr. Komuro's NY asylum suggests: The bond between the private power of the United States and the emperor Updated Jan.26th

Former Princess of Japan, Mako Komuro, the eldest daughter of Akishinomiya, who married Kei Komuro at the end of October 2021 who has been exposed to the relentless bashing of the Japanese media due to his mother's financial problems for nearly four years since 2017. The two started a new life in New York (NY) in the United States the following November. It is an asylum in the form of being virtually disowned by her father, Akishinomiya, younger brother of the Emperor Naruhito . Although it is speculative, the series of events to be inspected from now on suggests that the deep connection between the Japanese Emperor family and the world's largest millionaire Rockefeller family, which has continued since the 1910s before the war, made "exile" possible. In particular, during their visits to the United States in 1975 and 1994,  both Emperor Hirohito and  Akihito accepted a supper at Rockefeller's residence, which is a private residence. It was "an unusual response among the unusual". Perhaps because of the intentions of the Imperial Household Agency , major Japanese media outlets such as Japan's three major newspapers, Nikkei and NHK are tabooing on reports about the "bond between the Rockefeller and the Emperor." Mr. and Mrs. Komuro's asylum in NY is also a mirror that reflects the subject of this blog, "'Unchanged Japan' that connects prewar and postwar." Let's briefly explore the background of the asylum case by setting the problem of "modern Japan and the rulers of the United States &Britain."
ICU, Japan Society, Rockefeller IV
First, let's take a look at the events related to "Rockefeller and Japan" in chronological order from the time of the founding of International Christian University (ICU), where Mr. and Mrs. Komuro met.
[Photo] ICU Campus in Mitaka City, Tokyo
Douglas MacArthur, Emperor Showa's younger brother Takamatsunomiya, and other top Japanese and American connections were involved in the work toward the opening of ICU in 1953. Naturally, the Rockefeller family was also listed there.
Rockefeller III (1906 – 1978) was most deeply involved in Japan. This person took office in 1952 as the chairman of the Japan Society, which had been established in NY since 1907, and managed the front and back exchanges between Japan and the United States. The third , who had already visited Japan for the first time in the 1930s before the war, came to Japan in January 1951 with Special Envoy John Dulles, who will be Secretary of State under the US administration of Eisenhower, to lay the groundwork for concluding a peace treaty for Japan's independence. Although it has been erased from official records, it is said that Emperor Hirohito invited Rockefeller III to an informal banquet in the palace. It seems that there was a debate with the Emperor over Japan-US security with Dulles. To support this, when Emperor Hirohito visited the United States in 1975 and reunited with the third, it was reported that "in this visit, Emperor Hirohito fulfilled his 20-year promise with Rockefeller III."
[Photo] A reception to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Japan Society, which was held in Tokyo on April 18, 2017, attended by the Crown Prince and his wife at the time. The greeting is Justin Rockefeller, the son of Rockefeller IV.
Rockefeller IV (1937-), the eldest son of the third , majored in oriental history at Harvard University and graduated in 1961. After that, he studied abroad in ICU for 3 years at the recommendation of his father III. During this time, there is no doubt that the fourth had a close relationship with Emperor Akihito, the father of Akishinomiya, the then crown prince.
As evidence of this, when Akihito and his wife visited the United States in June 1994, five years after becoming emperor, an unusual dinner was held at the private residence of the Rockefeller head family in NY. As mentioned at the beginning, Emperor Showa also visited Rockefeller's residence on October 4, 1975, while he was visiting the United States, and was welcomed at a dinner party. Except for these two times, the emperor's outing has never included a private home visit in the official schedule. Rockefeller had a special relationship with the Emperor and clearly showed that Rockefeller was a huge private power that moved not only the United States but also the world behind him.
Up East Side, Metropolitan, NY Museum of Modern Art
Mako entered ICU in 2010 and met Kei Komuro in 2012, and eventually they became a vow to the future. The two NY migration plans may have actually started in 2014.
Ms. Mako, who graduated from the College of Liberal Arts in March 2014, entered the Graduate School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester in the UK in September of the same year. And in September 2015 she completed the course of the same graduate school. Prior to this, Mako was studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh in the UK from September 2012 to May 2013 while she was still in ICU. She studied art history at the same university. Her bachelor thesis at ICU was about "the birth, development, and conflict of mythological paintings in the Meiji era" (English, p. 80) .It was regarding the art history. After graduating from ICU, she became the honorary president of the triennale "International Ceramics Festival Mino", which is held once every three years, where various ceramic art-related events are held centering on the world's largest ceramics competition "International Ceramics Exhibition Mino". 
[Photo] The Museum of Modern Art, New York, opened in 1929. The idea for the establishment is by three women, L.P. Bliss, Mrs. C.J. Sullivan and Mrs. J.D. Rockefeller II.
 The Japanese media first named the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, NY as the place of employment for married Mako Komuro in NY. These two museums on behalf of the United States would not have existed without funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. The latter is still chaired by the Rockefeller family. One of the Rockefeller family's many mansions is located in NY's premier residential neighborhood, Up East Side, on the East Side of Central Park, where the Metropolitan Museum of Art is located. The condominium where Mr. and Mrs. Komuro live is nearby.
[Photo] The Cloisters Museum. A museum in Fort Tryon Park, New York City. It was designed as an annex to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, imitating the architectural style of a medieval European monastery, and began construction in the 1930s. The building and her adjacent 16,000 m² garden were created with a donation from John Rockefeller II. Rockefeller II donated the entire collection of art purchased from the American sculptor George Gray Barnard (1863 – 1938) to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
In this way, it seems natural that Mako studied at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom with an eye on her future, partly due to the appearance of her Komuro. After having a big problem getting married to Mako, Komuro went to NY Fordham University School of Law to become a lawyer in New York. She wouldn't be fooled by the fact that the British royal family and the Rockefellers took care of this to some extent. In fact, she said at a press conference on October 26th, Mako said, "I asked (Kei) to set up a base overseas."
Akihito, Jackson Hole, Wall Street
It was reported that Emperor Akihito consented to the engagement announcement press conference between Mako and Kei Komuro in 2017.  Slamming reports of Komuro, which seems to be malicious, raised a financial problem that should not be attributed to the two, and the marriage ceremony became uncertain, let alone the formal engagement. The Emperor  Akihito at that time would have been deeply traumatized.
It is possible that the Rockefellers tried to invite the two young people to NY ahead of time, but in any case, it seems certain that Emperor Akihito consulted with Rockefeller IV and others about the future of his grandchildren.
Prince Akihito at the time traveled in the name of the emperor Hirohito to attend the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in England in 1949, when he was 19 years old. In that time from Europe he crossed the Atlantic Ocean and stayed in the United States for nearly half a year. It is said that he enjoyed  American life of full of  freedom about a week at the Rockefeller villa in Jackson Hall, Wyoming, and was freed from all official events. It is said that only Kenneth Chorley, an aide to Rockefeller, and his own cook and escort, took care of the villa near the vast national park. In a nearby town he enjoyed dancing and fishing and went for a drive. And he is said to have had lunch in the cafeteria for the first time in his life with the general public.
[Photo] The expanded Jackson Hole conference held in August 2017. From left, Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor of the Bank of Japan, Yellen, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board (FRB), and Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB).
This small town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in the west is known for hosting the Fed, the central bank of the United States and the 12  Federal Reserve Banks annual meeting, the Jackson Hall ConferenceIt is also a hidden gathering place for NY Wall Street and the huge financial capital of the United States and Europe, as it occasionally holds important expansion meetings that bring together the governors of central banks in major countries. That's why the Rockefellers, who manage it behind the scenes, set up a villa in this town. The Japanese emperor must know the power of the American and British conglomerates more than anyone else. The utility value of the Emperor's family should be infinitely great for the US conglomerate.