A US-led huge force that foretold the scourge of China's corona. Aim to eliminate China and Russia and build a new world order

Earlier this year, US research firm Eurasia Group predicted that the biggest risk to the world economy would be the failure of China's Zero-COVID policy, and listed it as the top "10 major risks of the year." The issue surrounding this forecast was discussed in the article "China! You are now suffering from the corona epidemic. The US company forecast implies". In China, the cumulative number of infected people nationwide is currently less than 20,000, which is lower than that of Japan, but the Chinese government has set "Corona Zero" and aims to completely contain corona. As a result, as expected by the US company, even Shanghai, the economic center, was forced into a complete urban blockade (so-called lockdown). Many companies that have invested in China have been forced to shut down, disrupting their supply chains and causing turmoil in the global economy. Wasn't the US company's forecast a notice? Some involvement of the enormous forces behind it must  be suspected.


If you look behind the US "Eurasia Group", which claims to be a research company, you will encounter Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum (WEF). WEF is renowned for presiding over the Davos Forum. Above all, Schwab advocates "a great reset of capitalism towards the post-corona." Behind that, the shadows of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Chatham House, which actually control the foreign policy of both the US and British governments, flicker.


The above-mentioned US company has been holding the "G Zero Summit" every year in Japan since 2017. G-Zero is a term presented in 2011 by the company's CEO and political scientist Ian Bremmer, which describes the international community in which the major developed countries that make up the G7 have lost leadership and the G20 has also ceased to function. To show off the power of CEO Bremer, Japan is the only one country that has all the top political and business leaders , including the Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, the chairman of the Japan Business Federation, and the representative secretary of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives, participating in the G-Zero Summit.


December 8, 2021. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who appeared on the signboard with "new capitalism," greeted the United States in a video saying, "Now, capitalism is required to evolve further." (Greetings from Prime Minister Kishida at the GZERO Summit 2021 https://www.kantei.go.jp/jp/101_kishida/statement/2021/1208gzero.html) = Photo =
Prime Minister Kishida said, "The world is in a phase of heightened geopolitical tensions, including US-China relations, and the degree of G-zero pointed out by Dr. Bremer is increasing. The upgrade of the economic society itself has been delayed. There is one essence of this tension. " Japan's Kishida administration has shown its willingness to cooperate with the transformation of the world system under the guise of a renewal of capitalism. Looking back, this suggested where the Kishida Cabinet's signboard policy came from.
The G-Zero Summit aims to renew the international order following the formation of the United Nations after World War II, in other words, to transform the current political system of China and Russia and build a new world order centered on the United States and its allies. .. It was clearly shown in the next Ian Bremmer greeting at the 2020 G-Zero Summit.
"There are two rising technology superpowers in the world, the United States and China. We call this the T-2 ... So far, China has" won "in the T-2 competition. … The digitization of the world economy is redefining national security from conventional and nuclear forces to cyber and information warfare capabilities. If we want to find a way out of G-Zero, we need something far beyond the resumption of US involvement. It creates a new international architecture and requires compromise, cooperation and coordination among all major democracies. "
Under these circumstances, the Sekai Nippo, which is known for its tone of expressing the position of the US neo-conservatives by connecting with the far-right anti-communist organization, the International Federation for Victory to Communism (Shokyo-Rengo) announced on April 9 that "Corona will spread in China by the US research company Eurasia Group is hitting the mark. " It sees the political system common to China  and Russia that invaded Ukraine as a weakness and foretells an attack on it.
"China's largest commercial city, Shanghai, has been regarded as an honor student for infection control, but on April 5, it was decided to extend the lockdown and expanded the target to all 25 million citizens. The international community lives with the new virus. However, only China has adopted a zero corona policy to thoroughly suppress infection .... The Chinese government has raised Chinese nationalism by proclaiming it as a "victory of the political system". Waving the flag of, justified the power nation.
… The Chinese authorities have become “pullable” by discussing infectious disease control that should be scientifically addressed in connection with “the superiority and inferiority of the political system”. Failure to deal with corona immediately means denying the superiority of the political system. Russia's failure to invade Ukraine was also the result of the easy belief that there were two "successful" experiences of a forcible invasion of Chechnya and a bloodless occupation by force in the Crimean crisis. … Russia and China, which are powerful nations, are basically not checked by the media, revealing the “weakness of the system” that tends to lead to self-righteousness. "
As is clear from this article, they are taking advantage of China's corona disaster and the "Corona Zero" policy to decoupling the Chinese market from the western market, while at the same time taking advantage of the Ukrainian crisis to eliminate Russia. There is a force to move forward.
[Photo]WORLD SUMMIT held by the Unification Church and Shokyo-Rengo

It seems unlikely that the forces behind the "Eurasia Group" that can move the top of Japan's political and business world are unrelated to the forces connected to the Shokyo-Rengo.

It is well known that the LDP's largest faction, "Seiwakai," led by former Prime Minister Abe, and the leading factions led by former Prime Ministers Nobusuke Kishi and Takeo Fukuda, who became the origins of the faction, have been connected to the Shokyo-Rengo. There is no doubt that the Seiwakai and the Japanese political and business connections that surround it are deeply connected to the American and British connections behind the "Eurasia Group" mentioned above.