Alan Dulles, the younger brother of John Dulles, Secretary of State of the Eisenhower administration, became CIA Director under the administration and remained in the Kennedy administration. However, Kennedy dismissed Allen and others after distrusting the US military and the CIA over the military invasion of Cuba. The CIA, the Pentagon, the Cuban asylum group, and other groups that have struck a chord with Kennedy continue to be most suspected of being the perpetrators of the Kennedy assassination two years later. Adversaries are usually buried by all means for Ike's "wrongly given power," which could even assassinate the president of the United States. It is easy to understand if you look at the careers of Allen Dulles and others who organized the CIA's predecessor OSS in Europe, which supported Nazi Germany in response to the will of Wall Street.
Media readers and viewers are unaware of the reality of war coverage. Reporters and cameramen from inside and outside look around the "stricken area" in a vehicle prepared by the Ukrainian army. The victims and witnesses were all prepared in advance by the Ukrainian side. The Ukrainian government and the military never allow foreign journalists to act alone because of danger. In some cases, if not all, so-called crisis actors have played victims of the disaster and their families. It also became a problem in the Syrian civil war. 
Behind the Ukrainian government and the military are US and British intelligence agencies. Before the invasion of Russia, the Ukrainian army had been seized by the neo-Nazis, and it would have been the quickest to shock the media around the disaster area to destroy Putin Russia. This is a battle led by the US neoconservatives and the CIA. You have to suspect that it is "anything".
■ The United States that created terrorists (enemy)
"Enemy was what US made and used."
About 25 years ago, I experienced the battle area of ​​Mindanao Island in the southern Philippines, which was devastated by the military activities of Islamic rebel armed groups divided into several powers, for 10 years. In 1992, Washington was forced to completely withdraw from the US military bases Clark and Subic, which were said to be the "largest US outside the United States." At the end of the Cold War, the US military-industrial complex needed new enemies to replace the Soviet Union.
Attention was focused on the Islamic belt that extends from North Africa and the Middle East to Central Asia and Southeast Asia. It indirectly provided weapons and financial support to specific sects of Islamic rebels, and cultivated them, making them the enemy of the upcoming "war on terrorism." In the Philippines, following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Mindanao region was selected as the second land of the war on terrorism following Afghanistan. A terrorist eradication campaign on the island of Basilan, where the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf was based, has been logistically supported by the US military since the end of 2001, and the US military will pave the way for relocation to the Philippines in the name of this.
I can't elaborate here, but it was a world of "everything." Filipino government troops masquerade as guerrillas at night and attack and burn the village. The local media reported it greatly, and the civil war between the armed forces and the rebel guerrillas expanded. Government soldiers divert weapons and ammunition provided by the US military to guerrillas to fill their stomachs.
 Rebels are expanding in power. Among them, a group appears that frequently causes indiscriminate suicide bombings and kidnappings targeting Westerners. In parallel with this, US intelligence agencies and US military special forces will take in sects from rebels and send them to Afghanistan and the Middle East to train them into terrorists. They fight jihad against government troops after the retreat of Soviet troops. In this way, an international network of terrorists including al-Qaeda was formed.
■ Ukraine issue from 2004
I hear that the degree of corruption of the Ukrainian government and the military is comparable to that of the Philippines. Perhaps there was room for US intelligence and neo-Nazis to enter there. The Ukrainian problem cannot be fully understood unless it is seen at least from the time of the collapse of the pro-Russian government due to the Orange Revolution in 2004.
It is painful that innocent civilians, especially children, are being killed in Ukraine. At the same time, miserable battles are repeated every day in Africa, the Middle East and other parts of the world, causing many casualties. This should also be carved only on the chest.