An article postponing the visit of the British Prime Minister of Kyodo News, which symbolizes poor Japanese coverage

What is behind Britain's military rapid approach to Japan over the last decade? Since the Meiji Restoration, how has the US-UK Anglo-Saxon Alliance regarded Japan as a piece of global strategy and manipulated it? -As long as we lack this awareness and perspective, we cannot see the truth about the continued US military occupation of Japan by concluding the Japan-US Security Treaty, that is, the truth of postwar Japan's enslavement to the United States. This is a theme that this blog has raised for the past two years while resisting regurgitation.


Used as an indispensable complementary military force on a global scale for the US-UK alliance, it was accused of being the "chief of the alliance" in the "Open Indo-Pacific" in the East Asia and West Pacific regions, and was used as a vanguard in China's containment strategy. Today's Japan has come to be known. Although it was canceled due to the corona, the new military agreement signed by the British Prime Minister and the Japanese Prime Minister who will visit Japan soon is a big event that will be a watershed for Japan after the war.

Nevertheless, on January 31, Kyodo News delivered the following Prime Minister's Office news.
"It was revealed on the 31st that British Prime Minister Johnson came to Japan in mid-February and canceled the schedule for meeting with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. The Japanese and British governments were coordinating, but the situation in Ukraine became tense. The British side has offered to cancel the party in response to Mr. Johnson's alleged participation in the party under the restrictions of the new corona virus countermeasures. Several government officials have revealed.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno explained at a press conference on the 31st, "There is no fact that (Mr. Johnson) is coordinating his visit to Japan." "Our country attaches great importance to our relationship with our global strategic partner, the United Kingdom," he said. He expressed his intention to continue to strengthen the relationship through various efforts. "
The coverage is too poor. What is a "Global Strategic Partner"? The concreteness is completely unclear to the general reader. Even though it is a difficult regular press conference article, this does not convey anything to the reader. Moreover, a reporter from the Political Affairs Department at the Prime Minister's Office said, "The Japanese government intends to continue to strengthen relations through various efforts." "Various efforts"? It's a very crude expression. It can be said that the news is only written concretely even if it is one of the core examples of efforts.
The number of newspaper subscriptions has dropped sharply. Kyodo News= Photo ='s  revenue from affiliated newspapers has decreased year by year, and the number of regular employees has been significantly reduced from the previous 1900 system to 1300. Will it slow down if you are poor? It was an article that seemed to predict tomorrow of Kyodo News, which could lead to bankruptcy and dismantling.
We will supplement the article by posting the lead part and conclusion of the article "Britain moves to revive the Anglo-Japanese Alliance. Also to manage Japan behind the siege of China" published in November 2020.
"In the electronic version of the British Sunday Telegraph dated December 30, 2018, British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson (then) said in an interview with the newspaper," After leaving the European Union (EU), the UK will once again aim for global power and military power. "We will establish two new overseas bases in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans within two years, one in Brunei or Singapore." As of November 2020, new overseas bases in the Western Pacific region. Although the location selection has not been officially announced, the British military has been conducting military exercises based in Brunei since 2019, and five countries including Brunei among the 10 member countries of the European Union (ASEAN) will compete with China in the South China Sea. The United Kingdom has begun to be actively involved in the territorial dispute with the United States. We have entered into negotiations to conclude a "joint training facilitation agreement" that eliminates the need for examinations when entering the country. The two countries, which are already in a "quasi-alliance" relationship, are likely to revive the military alliance aimed at sealing China by 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance's expiration. On the other hand, however, the expansion of British troops into East Asia reveals the intention of Japan management and deterrence against Japan, which is the core of the US and UK's postwar policy toward Japan, "do not threaten Japan again." "
"The territorial disputes between China, ASEAN, and Japan in the Western Pacific region, including the South China Sea, the East China Sea, and the Senkaku Islands, gave Japan and the United Kingdom a cause for military cooperation in 2012. Starting with the signing of the Japan-UK Defense Cooperation Memorandum after issuing a joint statement on building a partnership, the Defense Equipment Agreement in 2013, the Information Protection Agreement in 2014, and the Mutual Provision of Goods and Services Agreement in 2017 ( ACSA) has been signed. Currently, negotiations are underway to conclude a joint exercise facilitation agreement based on the Japan-US Status Agreement. Australia will conclude a facilitation agreement with Japan at the Japan-Australia summit meeting on November 17th. There is a general agreement, and the UK is following this.
In the western Pacific region, a siege network of China called the quad is being formed by the four countries of the United States, Japan, Australia and India. The United States is calling for participation in the siege network of ASEAN countries with the South China Sea problem, but as pointed out in the previous article "Biden to succeed Pompeo route, Japan-ASEAN relations are heavy", Southeast Asian countries are confused and can not move. There is.
[Photo] The first Japanese-English joint exercise held in mainland Japan (North Fuji Exercise Area) in October 2018.
It is clear that Britain's military advance into East Asia and the Pacific Ocean, and the start of full-scale military cooperation with Japan, are aimed at deterring China's expansion together with the US-led quad. At the end of 2018, the British defense minister's statement that "after Brexit, Britain will aim for global power again and strengthen its military power" is embodied in this way.
Furthermore, in recent years, it is necessary to know the intention of deterring Japan, which is the core of the US and UK's postwar policy toward Japan, which is hidden from the deployment of British troops to East Asia. It is necessary to carefully observe Japan's relationship with NATO. "
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ここ10年の英国の日本への軍事的な急接近の背後に何があるのか?明治維新以来、米英アングロサクソン同盟がいかに日本を世界戦略のコマとみなし操ってきたか?ーこの問題意識と視点を欠く限り、日米安全保障条約締結によるアメリカの事実上の対日軍事占領継続、すなわち戦後日本の対米隷属の真相は見えてこない。人口に膾炙することのない、本ブログが逆流に抗しながらこの2年間掲げてきたテーマである。 米英同盟の世界規模での不可欠な補完軍事力として利用され、東アジア・西太平洋地域では「開かれたインド・太平洋」における「同盟の長」とおだてられて、中国封じ込め戦略の先兵として使われるようになった今日の日本。コロナ禍で中止になったとはいえ、いずれ近く訪日する英国の首相と日本の首相が締結する新軍事協定は戦後日本にとって分水嶺となるビックイベントだ。 にもかかわらず、1月31日、共同通信は以下のような首相官邸ニュースを配信した。 「英国のジョンソン首相が2月中旬に来日し、岸田文雄首相と会談する日程を取りやめたことが31日、分かった。日英両政府で調整を進めていたが、ウクライナ情勢の緊迫化や、ジョンソン氏の新型コロナウイルス対策の規制下でのパーティー参加疑惑を受け、英国側が来日中止を申し出た。複数の政府関係者が明らかにした。  松野博一官房長官は31日の記者会見で『(ジョンソン氏の)訪日を調整中との事実はない」と説明した。『わが国はグローバルな戦略的パートナーである英国との関係を極めて重視している』とも指摘。今後もさまざまな取り組みを通じて関係を一層強化していく考えを示した。」の詳細