The Liberal Democratic Party reforms and party-style reforms that Taro Kono and Fumio Kishida, who were considered to be the top runners in the 2021 presidential election, are nothing but Abe and Aso, and the United States does not allow it. For example, when the Armitage report ordered the restart of nuclear power plants, one thing that shouted "zero nuclear power plants" is "Taro Kono's sin is heavy and great" for them. Kishida, who hesitates to expand his armed forces by reviewing neoliberalism and advocating Japanese-style capitalism, is "unusable" for a long time, based on the former "lightly armed and economic priority" Kochikai route. This is the reason why Sanae Takaichi, Abe's alter ego, who has been "corrected" and polished, has a white arrow. This candidacy seems to be a preparation for the first female Prime Minister Sanae Takaichi boom as "Japanese Thatcher" in the near future.
Shinzo Abe's support for Takaichi is not too much to see as the intention of the United States. Takaichi insisted on "neutralizing enemy bases" in the security debate in the debate by the four candidates for the LDP presidential election, and stated that he would "proactively promote" the arms race, including the deployment of US-made intermediate-range missiles and precision guided weapons. bottom. In response, Mr. Kono argued, "Just because the United States has placed a missile that is only triggering in Japan does not increase Japan's deterrence." On the contrary, it destabilizes (Japan-China relations). " For the U.S. rulers, the point of Takaichi's remark is that "the argument that defense spending is within 1% of GDP is nonsense. The cost will change if necessary." 2% of the total, 10 trillion yen scale ". It doesn't matter to them who "puts their finger on the trigger".
The point is how the US and British military industry and investors will be enriched. Political circles, bureaucrats, business owners, and many media outlets have perceived, followed, and spoken to the movement behind the Abe-Takaichi group. It must continue after the presidential election and the general election. (Continue)