Local reports that ``Ukrainian forces temporarily invade Russian territory before the invasion of Russia''

<Note: The article posted on April 24th has been re-uploaded. This is because it is an extremely important article that is closely related to the article published on the 25th, ``The war was started by the United States, NATO, and Ukraine on February 16.'' Please refer to the article published on April 16, 2022, which discusses the political trends in the United States that underlie the Ukrainian war, titled “‘The use of force by elite leadership will change the world’: neoconservative madness and the revolutionary theory of the new left.”


Two months have passed since February 24, when Russia invaded. Every day, every hour, every media reports about the Ukraine crisis. The war in Ukraine is a state of emergency for news recipients, but they do not have time to collect and analyze news information. Therefore, the content of the influential media that people come into contact with on a daily basis is of decisive importance. The United Nations Charter (Article 2, Paragraph 4) stipulates "restraint on the threat or use of force in international relations ," and Russia's military aggression apparently violates this . Therefore , it was absolutely evil. Since then, there has been a steady stream of reports denouncing Russia from the US and European sides , dismissing the allegations made by the Russian side without question, and the contents of the reports have been thoroughly imprinted in the minds of viewers and readers. There are reports from Ukraine that ``the fierce fighting to prevent the Russian army from returning even before the official outbreak of war began'' and ``the Ukrainian army temporarily invaded Russian territory''. A press fad is born in which reports that try to resist the masses are immediately crushed by enormous pressure to conform.

■ Local research team: "The fighting had already begun before the war."

A Japanese private group that has been organizing a field research team in Ukraine since the beginning of this year reports:

"Before the war (Russia's military invasion on February 24) began, there had been tremendous provocations by the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine to force Putin's Russia into the war . For example, Ukraine In addition, on February 19, five days before the start of the war, at the Munich Security Conference, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine might "change" its non-nuclear policy. In other words, Zelensky declared, ``If we don't join NATO and NATO protects Ukraine, we will have nuclear weapons.'' This was one of the triggers for Russia's military invasion this time. ”

“Furthermore, since the so-called Maidan revolution in 2014 (pictured), a violent U.S.-backed revolution, Russian residents in Ukraine have been brutally abused and murdered by neo-Nazi ethnic extremists. Since the end of last year, the Biden administration has been saying 'Russia, Russia' every time it opens its mouth, and this time it resulted in the Russian military invading. It was the right thing to do, wasn't it?” However, this is nothing more than the fact that the United States and Britain succeeded in getting Russia to fire the first shot. However, the American and British sides succeeded in getting Russia to fire the official first shot .

“The scale of this war is far more restrained than the Biden administration would have liked. It's all about suppressing neo-Nazi forces and protecting Russian residents, but there's no doubt that the cause of this situation in the first place is the Biden administration's opposition to Russia, which needed a war for the military industry . There is also the tremendous provocation and the attitude of the corrupt Ukrainian side, who, in response to the American intention, will do anything for money . ”

“On the ground, the movement after the Russian army finished its exercises on February 16 and said ‘withdrawal’ was really more intense. The Line of Contact was about 500 kilometers long, and a cordon that even ants couldn't get through was successfully broken through by something like a Ukrainian military special operations team and infiltrated Donetsk. However, they were caught by the Donetsk People's Republic and surrounded, and fighting ensued, with several Donetsk casualties and Russian border guards invading Ukraine . There were also cases in which Ukrainian special operations units and Ukrainian military armored vehicles entered Russian territory, meaning that the fighting had already begun before the war .

” A Ukrainian military drone was shot down over Donpass on February 18-21 and was also used to supply pro-Ukrainian government militias and Azov regiments with arms and ammunition. There have been more than 2,000 ceasefire violations (under the Minsk II ceasefire agreement) in eastern Ukraine to date, i.e., on the ground, after Russian forces announced on February 16 that they had "exercises over" and began to withdraw. A lot of fierce fighting started . According to the information on the scene, it seems as if they were deliberately disturbing the public order to prevent them from returning to the Russian army. 

■ "Another point of view"

Reporter should be a title given only to those who have refined their ability to read and analyze various complicated information as accurately as possible. The information provided by the field research team above cannot be ignored, regardless of whether it is correct or not. There must be more than a few journalists in the Western media, including Japan, who warn themselves not to drown in the flood of information from the United States, Britain, and NATO. In mid-April, the digital edition of a newspaper once considered one of Japan's three major newspapers ran a column titled " Ukraine, another point of view ."

The column introduces the arguments made in the Japanese media by the French historical demographer Emmanuel Todd and the Chinese researcher Homare Endo, who are calling the United States responsible . According to the report, Todd said, " In France, where the media does not allow calm discussion, we have refused interviews ." I introduced a YouTube video of John Mearsheimer , a former US Air Force soldier and a political scientist at the University of Chicago who criticizes the Biden administration's Ukrainian policy .

``The United States and Europe have ignored Russia's warning that ``we will never allow Ukraine to join NATO. They sent performance weapons and a military advisory group to encourage 'militarization'."

Next, I will introduce the following sentence written in the band of the latest book "China's strategy against Russia in the Ukraine war" (PHP Shinsho) by Homare Endo, a scholar of China studies .

“Ukraine was originally aiming for neutrality. It was Vice President Biden in 2009 who broke that plan. On the other hand, he lured the insane Putin into a military attack by telling him, ``If Ukraine goes to war, the US military will not intervene.''

Continuing, “Eighty-one-year-old Endo was shot and wounded in Shinjing (Changchun), the former capital of Manchukuo (photographed), right after World War II when she was a girl. News footage of the Ukrainian war brought back memories, I couldn't stop shaking, and I went to the hospital.I wrote the latest book in 10 days to overcome PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)."

and write:

"Endo is not an anti-American. Rather, he is a sharp-tongued critic of China, but he said, 'Unless we look squarely at the war business of the United States since World War II, humanity will never escape from war. '" Based on this belief, I posted an article on Yahoo News focused on criticism of the United States." “I was prepared to be criticized because of the current situation, but there were more than 2.8 million accesses, and most of them were positive,” he recalls.

■ Already news fashion

Both Todd and Endo's contention overlaps with what this blog has been consistently appealing for the past two months. This reporter is a well-known veteran reporter in the industry who holds the title of special editor . However, the newspaper to which he belongs always puts the crown of "one-sided" on the claims of the Russian side, such as " said one-sidedly" and "made one-sided claims". They continue their denunciations as if determined to reject everything about Russia.

Under such circumstances, even though this reporter has the title of special editor, he does not have a firm point of view of his own, and seems to have been forced into a situation where he had no choice but to give the title ``another point of view''. However, how do you and the newspaper evaluate Endo's view that he is "creating a foundation for accepting discussion (criticism of the United States)"? How do you personally view the Ukraine crisis? He doesn't give his position, he ends up introducing "another point of view". It is escape itself.

In the end, the reporter concluded, " The reality of East Asia is not so sweet that the Japan-US alliance can be taken lightly . " This is equivalent to a pledge not to go against the world led by the Anglo-Saxons of the United States and Britain. While he concludes by saying, ``Don't get involved in the US war business,'' he strongly supports the Japan-US alliance, or the Japan-US security arrangement, as something that cannot be taken lightly. Supporting the Japan-US security treaty is a tacit approval of the US war business. That claim is a complete contradiction.

In the end, he discerned the crowd and withdrew from fear of being ostracized in a village called Japan, using the excuse that "the reality is not so sweet that the Japan-US alliance can be taken lightly ." The constitution of the newspapers under the Empire of Japan, which exaggerated and leaked the former Imperial General Headquarters announcement, has not changed at all.

The newspaper's denunciation of Russia is only escalating day by day. Almost all reporters are crushed by conformity pressure and do not go against the huge flow. Fascism is already born in the press.