``The war started on February 16 by the United States, NATO, and Ukraine.'' Testimony of former UN PKO policy officer

The Japanese internet media, which has been sticking to a hawkish tone, such as inciting the Taiwan emergency and severely criticizing Japan's non-participation in the "freedom of navigation operation in the South China Sea", which symbolizes the containment policy for China, announced in July that " Ukraine is screaming. It was the United States that brought about this hell,  don't unilaterally criticize Russia for its ' special military operation,'" published an astonishing article by a Japanese researcher of Russian politics On November 23, an article by the same author was published, titled “ The possibility that the U.S. and Ukraine started the war before Russia. The fact that such an excellent article was published in the hawkish media may be because, as this blog wrote, the ceasefire and early peace groups in the United States over the Ukraine war have taken the initiative. . In any case, it undermines the premise of Western reports that Russia suddenly invaded Ukraine on February 24, saying that Ukrainian forces were supported by US NATO even before Russia launched a ``special military operation''. First of all, I would like to listen to the assertion that the war had already started.

Until the beginning of 2022, the author was teaching at the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia . I would like to introduce the contents of the contribution article "Military Situation in Ukraine: https://cf2r.org/documentation/la-situation-militaire-en-ukraine/ " for the Bulletin of Literature No. 27 . However, he maintains a humble and cautious attitude, saying, "I do not intend to claim that Mr. Bo's or my ``theory of the outbreak of war on February 16'' is absolutely correct."

Here, we introduce a summary of Mr. Bo's paper by this Russian researcher and some of the author's comments.

🔷Massacre of Russians by Ukrainian soldiers and neo-Nazi militias

≪The root of this conflict is that immediately after the overthrow of the Yanukovych regime in February 2014, the new government removed Russian as an official language and carried out a severe crackdown on Russian-speaking areas in eastern and southern Ukraine. Massacre incidents occurred in various places such as Odessa and Mariupol.

As some Russian and European intelligence agencies were well aware, Ukrainian forces were preparing to attack Donbass as early as 2021.

The basis for Mr. Bo's assertion that "the Ukrainian army began to bombard the residents of Donbass from February 16 this year" is based on the OSCE ( Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) "Special Observatory for Ukraine." Daily and spot reports from the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine: https://www.osce.org/ukraine-smm/reports/ .

Daily reports report the number and location of ceasefire violations and shelling in the Donetsk-Lugansk region.


・Since 2008, the United States has ignored Russia, which has insisted that Ukraine's membership in NATO is absolutely unacceptable. The army had become a de facto NATO army with the latest weapons.

・Neo-Nazi far-right militias and others continued to commit crimes such as torture and massacre against Russian Ukrainians, but not only the government and courts but also Ukrainian society as a whole acquiesced in violence against “Russian-speaking people in Donbass.” A “culture” was emerging.

- Militia from 19 nations were armed, funded and trained by the US, UK, France and Canada. The West has continued to arm them since 2014 after committing numerous crimes such as rape, torture and massacre of civilians.

Far-right militias backed by Western powers have been active in Donbass since 2014. They carry a violent, disgusting ideology and are vehemently anti-Semitic.

Fanatical and brutal extremist militias such as the Azov Regiment originated from far-right groups that fueled the 2014 Euromaidan revolution. In addition to Russia, Jewish groups, Western media, and the U.S. Military Academy's Anti-Terrorism Center have characterized Ukrainian militias as "Nazis" and "neo-Nazis."

🔷Abandoning the Minsk Agreement under U.S. Pressure

Based on that, he analyzes the situation in Donbass until Russia's military intervention on February 24, 2014, as follows.

・On March 24, 2021, President Volodymyr Zelensky issued an order to recapture Crimea and began deploying troops to the south.

At the same time, several NATO military exercises took place between the Black and Baltic Seas, significantly increasing reconnaissance flights along the Russian border.

After that, Russia conducted military exercises In October of the same year, Ukraine launched a drone strike in Donbass in violation of the Minsk agreements.

On February 11, 2022, German, French, Russian and U.S. aide-level meetings ended without concrete results , and Ukraine, apparently under pressure from the United States, refused to apply the Minsk agreements.

🔷 Western governments and media ignore Donbass shelling

Putin said the West would only make empty promises and would not enforce the deal. Russia's parliament asked Mr Putin to recognize the independence of the two republics on Friday as government military preparations progressed in the Donbass contact zone, but he refused.

Pictured: Ukrainian forces fighting separatists in Donbass

Amnesty International warned that "Ukrainian military tactics endanger civilians".



・Since February 16, as the daily report of the OSCE Observatory indicates, there has been a sharp increase in shelling of Donbass residents. Unsurprisingly, Western media and governments, the EU and NATO did not react or intervene.

The EU and some countries seem to have deliberately kept silent about the massacre, knowing that it would trigger Russian intervention.

🔷Putin invoked Article 51 of the UN Charter

As early as February 16, President Biden knew that Ukrainian forces had begun shelling civilians in Donbass.

Putin faced a difficult choice: help Donbas militarily and create international trouble, or sit back and watch the Russian-speaking population being crushed.

・Mr Putin knew that any intervention could evoke international obligations of “responsibility to protect” (R2P), and that whatever the nature or scale of the intervention, it would trigger a storm of sanctions.

Whether Russia's intervention is limited to Donbass or it goes further to put pressure on the West on Ukraine's position, the price to be paid will be the same.

On February 21, he explained this in a speech, at the request of the House of Commons, recognizing the independence of the two republics and signing a treaty of friendship and assistance with them.

・On February 23, both republics asked Russia for military aid as the Ukrainian military continued to shell the residents of Donbass On the 24th, Mr. Putin invoked Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, which stipulates mutual military assistance within the framework of a defense alliance.

The West intentionally hid the fact that the war actually began on February 16th, in order to render the Russian intervention completely illegal in the eyes of the public .

As some Russian and European intelligence agencies were well aware, Ukrainian forces were preparing to attack Donbass as early as 2021.

🔷 Biden knew the start of war on February 16

On February 11, when Ukraine refused to apply the Minsk Agreement at the Germany-France-Russia meeting, President Biden told the leaders of NATO and the EU that "Mr. Putin has decided to invade Ukraine and will attack on the 16th as well." rice field.

Russia has called for continued surveillance, the UN Security Council has said it has no plans to invade Ukraine, and it has continued to accuse the US-led West of heightening military tensions.

Under these circumstances, and with many OSCE observers still monitoring compliance with the Minsk agreements, it is hard to believe that the republican side would have launched an all-out war on the borders of government-controlled areas from the very day prophesied.

On February 16, Russian Presidential Spokesperson Peskov said, "The whole world has already witnessed that the Ukrainian government has launched a military operation in Donbass."

On December 1, 2018, Reuters reported that Russia had accused Ukraine of deploying 125,000 troops to the disputed Donbass.

On February 21, Russia's Ambassador to the UN Nebenzia told the UN Security Council that Ukraine had deployed 120,000 troops to the Donbass border.

🔷The NATOized Ukrainian Army

Before February 24, many Western media continued to report that 100,000 to 150,000 Russian troops were in the vicinity of the border with Ukraine, but from February 16, about 120,000 Ukrainian troops and 40,000 to 45,000 It did not convey the composition that the armed forces of the two republics were said to be in a state of fierce fighting.

On the 16th, when it was unclear whether Mr. Putin would approve the independence of the two republics, would the republics start an all-out war against the Ukrainian army of 120,000 armed with the latest weapons, such as those from the United States?

Even as of the 24th, when Russia intervened, the military situation was one in which a total of over 310,000 NATOized Ukrainian forces fought against a total of approximately 200,000 Russian and republican armed forces.

Furthermore, according to the “Conflict-related civilian casualties in Ukraine” published by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on 27 January this year, from 2018 to 2021 81.4% of civilian casualties in the heavy fighting in Donbass occurred within the controlled areas of the two republics and were found to be the result of attacks by Ukrainian forces (16.3% of civilian casualties in government controlled areas). .

Since at least 2018, the Ukrainian military, which has become a de facto NATO force, has been violently attacking Russian-speaking civilians as well.

Based on the above situation, it is highly likely that the Ukrainian government, which had integrated with the United States and NATO and overwhelmed the anti-government forces with military power, started the war on February 16, although it cannot be said with certainty. ≫


Mr. Jack Bo and the author have avoided making judgments and have taken a cautious stance, but the above testimony is a propaganda aimed at brainwashing by the West, which claims that "Ukraine is the victim and Russia is the perpetrator" since February 24. This is a ground-breaking claim.

As the United States repeatedly engages in such vicious proxy wars, the UN's existence is degraded and the UN Charter is further watered down. In particular, the war in Ukraine, which is currently imminent, is leading mankind to an unprecedented crisis that could lead to all-out armed conflict between the nuclear superpower Russia and the United States and NATO if one wrong step is made.

The United States, Europe, and Japan are plotting a “great reset,” appealing for the hollowing out of the G7 and the disappearance of the G20. The China-Russia-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which is trying to materialize the New Eurasia concept, involves not only the countries of Central Asia, but also the former Third World countries of Asia, the Arab world, Africa, and Central and South America, creating a world led by the United States and Europe. I started plotting a pull. The division and confusion of the world are deepening, and the trend of multipolarization is progressing in a negative direction .

It is the center of power in the United States , which is using the destroyer neoconservatives, that is ignoring international law and ``destroying the existing order by force'' .


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