The truth about the war in Ukraine ② Reconsider Merkel's remarks. Permanent members of the United States and the United Kingdom buy time by passing a resolution on the Minsk Agreement to the Security Council

“The 2014/2015 Minsk Agreement was an attempt to give Ukraine time (to prepare for war).” Statements leaked by former German Chancellor Angara Merkel to the German newspaper Die Zeit at the end of 2022 tend to be interpreted as saying that she intended to deceive Russia from the beginning. It is a misunderstanding. German and French governments pushed for talks with Russia and the EU until the last minute. Merkel's remarks exposed the conspiracy of US neoconservatives wrapped in oblate. Merkel didn't say anything, but what helped buy him the most time was the resolution of the Minsk agreements in the UN Security Council. The United States and Britain, permanent members of the Security Council, agreed to the Minsk Agreement, which included Russia's request and granted a high degree of autonomy to Russian-speaking areas in eastern Ukraine through a referendum . Why did the Obama administration at the time "support" this agreement that led to the de facto independence of eastern Ukraine, which was rejected by the Polosienko government , backed by the United States, established in the 2014 Ukrainian coup d'état? It was a trap that delayed the implementation of Security Council resolutions to the maximum possible extent to prepare for the war in Ukraine, driving Russia into a war with the belief that “a resolution without a deadline for implementation will not be implemented.”” The US administration has toyed with legally binding Security Council resolutions, further reducing the United Nations to a mere mere formality .

■ Basics of the Minsk Agreement

On February 17, 2015, the Minsk Agreement 2 was adopted by the UN Security Council as follows:

Recalling the purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and reaffirming its full respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the Security Council, Expressing its serious concern about the violence and reaffirming its resolution 2166 (2014), strongly convinced that a resolution of the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine can only be achieved through a peaceful solution to the current crisis,

1. Endorses the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements (Annex I), adopted and signed in Minsk on 12 February 2015;
2. Declaration by the President of the Russian Federation, the President of Ukraine, the President of the French Republic and the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany in support of the "Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements", adopted in Minsk on 12 February 2015 (Annex II ) and their continued commitment contained therein to the implementation of the Minsk Agreements
3. Calls on all parties to fully implement the Package of Measures, including a comprehensive ceasefire as defined therein.
4. decide to continue working on this issue

The gist of the “Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements” (Annex I) is as follows:

Implementation of a comprehensive ceasefire in certain districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine. Withdrawal of heavy weapons. The process shall be facilitated by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ( OSCE) and supported by the Tripartite Contact Group. Ensure effective monitoring and verification of the ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy weapons by the OSCE from day one, using all necessary technical equipment, including satellites, drones and radar equipment. On the first day of withdrawal, we will start a dialogue on the modalities of local elections regarding the future regime "on provisional municipalities in certain districts such as Donetsk".

■ Security Council Resolutions Thoroughly Ignored

I will write about the Security Council resolutions.

“A United Nations Security Council resolution is a resolution that is voted on by the member countries of the Security Council . “ Security Council resolutions are legally binding, but under the Charter of the United Nations, they become law only if the Security Council decides. ” ( Article 25 of the Charter of the United Nations ) ( Source: Wikipedia)

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[Photo] February 2015. The scene before the group photo taken immediately after the Minsk Accord 2 was achieved. Ukrainian President Poroshenko glaring at and threatening French President Francois Hollande on behalf of the US neoconservatives. Chancellor Merkel looks worriedly at President Putin, who is exhausted. The reason why Putin cannot hide his bewildered and emaciated expression is probably because he was unable to confirm the deadline for the implementation of the protocol and the agreement. Putin must have had strong suspicions that the “agreement” was to buy time for the United States, Britain, and Ukraine. (title at that time)




As above, the Minsk Agreement 2 was adopted by the UN Security Council. Adoption means "selecting and taking up from among several ", but in this case it is used with the same meaning as "resolution, vote, decide". Therefore, the agreement is legally binding, and both the United States and the United Kingdom are obligated to respect the Minsk Accords. Agreements (protocols) adopted by the United Nations become treaties.

However, the permanent members of the Security Council, the United States and Great Britain, did not intend to respect the Minsk Agreement, which was passed by the Security Council from the outset. There is no deadline for compliance with the agreement. The U.S. and British governments provide the Ukrainian government with large amounts of money and weapons, as well as volunteers and covert personnel, in order to recapture the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine, where Russia recognized two independent republics shortly before the outbreak of war and now fights alongside Russian forces. What I have done shows that more than anything else.

However, both the United States and the United Kingdom have, of course, avoided making negative comments about the Security Council resolutions. The Western media has been silent as if the United States and Britain, the permanent members of the Security Council, had not adopted the Minsk Accords at the United Nations Security Council. We can only assume that the United States and Great Britain voted in favor of the Security Council resolution to drive Russia into a military invasion after repeatedly demanding the implementation of the agreement passed by the Security Council.

"It was clear to everyone that the conflict had been frozen, that the problem had not been resolved," Merkel said in the above German media interview. What does it mean that the Minsk Agreement , which was supposed to have been resolved for Russia and was achieved through the mediation of the German government to resolve the dispute, merely freezed the dispute but did not resolve it? This is because he knew that not only Ukraine, which was the party concerned, but also the US neoconservatives and the US and British power centers behind it were trying to carry out the crushing of Russia by using the war in Ukraine as a breakthrough.

■ Ukrainian side's tremendous provocation

The OS CE team, which monitors the conflict in eastern Ukraine , stated that “from 18 to 21 February 2022 there were more than 2,000 ceasefire violations (under the Minsk 2 ceasefire agreement) in eastern Ukraine. A lot of heavy fighting began on the 16th after the Russian military announced that they had "completed their exercises" and began to withdraw. According to information at the scene, it seems as if they were deliberately disturbing public order and rampaging in order to prevent them from returning to the Russian army."

On February 19, five days before the start of the war, at the Munich Security Conference, President Zelensky said that Ukraine "may change" its non-nuclear policy. He went so far as to say, ``If we don't join NATO and NATO protects Ukraine, we will have nuclear weapons.''

A Japanese surveillance group staying there said, “ There were tremendous provocations by the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Ukrainian side in an effort to somehow draw Russia, led by Putin, into the war. "Since the violent revolution that followed, there has been no public account of the brutal abuse and murder of ethnic Russians in Ukraine by neo-Nazi ethnic extremists."

■ The hidden gem of the United States and Britain, the “ Budapest memorandum ”

In 2022, instead of respecting the Security Council resolutions of the Minsk Agreement, the United States and Britain will begin to point out that Russia continues to violate the "Budapest Memorandum" signed by Ukraine, Russia, and the United States and Britain in 1994.

The memorandum stipulated that Ukraine would respect its sovereignty and not use or threaten to use force in return for giving up the nuclear weapons it had at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Following Russia's declaration of annexation of Crimea in 2014, the US also accused it of violating the memorandum by making military threats along its border with Ukraine.

As if we had forgotten that we participated in the Security Council adoption of the Minsk agreements, we will use anything that leads to the defense of Ukraine.

It is putting the cart before the horse when the United States and Britain criticized “Russia as violating the international agreement (the Budapest Memorandum ).” Seven years after signing the Minsk agreements, they were still unfulfilled, and neo-Nazi Ukrainian forces continued to kill and abuse Russian-speaking residents of eastern Ukraine, prompting Russian forces to gather along the border and intimidate the Ukrainian side. .

Originally, Russia should have been “criticized” for “violating” the memorandum in 2014/2015, when negotiations were underway to conclude the Minsk Protocol. The confession of Merkel, who knows all about the circumstances in which the United States and Britain joined the Security Council resolution of the Minsk Agreement , is an unmistakable revelation of what was planned there.