U.S. Neoconservatives Launched Ukraine War. Cunning Western Media  Supplement: Case of Failure in the Philippines

The actions of the Biden administration and the governments of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) member countries against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky have come to a complete halt recently. The U.S. administration is believed to be planning to stop supplying the latest weapons on the pretext of running out of stocks, and to encourage the Ukrainian government to negotiate a ceasefire with Russia. Also, the ceasefire negotiations themselves will not work unless Zelensky, who shot missiles into Poland and tried to force NATO to engage Russia directly, is eliminated.

“ Zelensky is a puppet of the US neoconservatives, and the war in Ukraine boils down to a war between the neoconservatives and Russia.” It is madness for the US, European and Japanese established media to report this way, and for them the war in Ukraine is nothing more than the work of Putin's madness. Is that so? Rather , it should be viewed as "the Ukrainian war is the result of neoconservative madness."

Let us pay attention to Robert Kagan's book "OF PARADISE AND POWER America and Europe in the New World Order", which was published in conjunction with the outbreak of the Iraq War in 2003, by Robert Kagan, a leading American neoconservative . Bearing in mind Germany and France, which strongly opposed the Iraq War, Kagan declared that "Europe is headed for a 'postmodern paradise,' and America will use force."

" With the end of the Cold War, Europe has lost interest in military power and is moving beyond the world of power to its own world of laws and norms, international negotiations and international cooperation. After the end of history. A paradise of peace and prosperity to come, the ideal envisioned by the eighteenth-century philosopher Immanuel Kant in Forever Peace.  In contrast, America struggles in a world where history never ends. In the world of war of all against all, as discussed by the seventeenth-century philosopher Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan, international law and rules are unreliable, guaranteeing security and free order. We are using force in a world where maintaining and using military force is still essential to defending and expanding the United States."

For neoconservatives, the end of the Cold War is not the beginning of eternal peace. The world is still in the midst of a constant battle of forces clashing against each other. Therefore , the United States, the only superpower that has become the sole hegemonic power, is not bound by existing international rules. The collective security system advocated by the United Nations, organized by the victorious powers of World War II, is not functioning, and they will use force to build a new world order based on the rules set by the United States .

In 2014, Kagan's wife, then- U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Nuland , led the coup d'état that overthrew the pro-Russian Yanukovych government . She was under the command of then-Vice President Biden from the White House . As Germany and France stood in the way of the US-led coup d'état, she was recorded in a wiretapped phone call as saying, "Fuck the EU."

Beginning with Iraq in 2003, neoconservatives have forced anti-government armed groups to wage proxy wars in Libya, Yemen, Syria, and elsewhere in order to overthrow anti-American and socialist regimes that are close to Russia. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria were plastered as the "Arab Spring ." This has prevented the rise of the Libyan-led African Union (AU), which sought to fundamentally reorganize the power map in the Middle East with Israel at its core under the leadership of the United States, and to have its own common currency.

In Iraq alone, 500,000 to 600,000 civilians were involved. Following the Arab Spring, Ukraine is at the core of color revolutions in former Soviet bloc countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. Here too, millions of non-combatants have been killed in the war, led by US neoconservatives. This is where the deception of the US G7 under the slogan of “freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law” reaches its peak.

The 1992 U.S. Defense Guidelines (Wolfowitz Doctrine), which was created the year after the collapse of the Soviet Union , ignores the United Nations (United Nations) of the victorious nations in World War II and is hostile to the U.S. for sole hegemony. It is written that the power to do so will be destroyed. These American neoconservatives are the “demons of the modern world” symbolized by Kagan. It can be asserted that Putin-Russia was concerned about the fate of the neoconservative madness that emerged in Ukraine and was cornered .

Western media cover their eyes with the madness that covers this modern world. They are too cunning, too.

🔷Supplement: The Philippines , where neoconservatives failed to transform the system

[Photo] Marawi in ruins

On the other hand, the former administration of Duterte in the Philippines (2016-2022) thoroughly resisted Washington's attempt to redeploy the Philippines as a key point to contain China under the pretext of conducting anti-terrorism military exercises. Naturally, it was subject to overthrow by the US Sabotage Agency. Since the inauguration of the administration, the Philippine military and public security authorities have been sending foreign jihadists and Islamic terrorists, including those from the Middle East, from the Malaysian Borneo territories, Indonesia's Kalimantan and Sulawesi islands, through the waters south of the Philippines (photo). It was confirmed that the infiltration into the Mindanao region was accelerating and expanding.

This is why President Duterte has called on China, with whom he has agreed to military cooperation, to conduct joint military exercises in the Sulu waters south of Mindanao, which has become a "gateway" for foreign terrorists. During his visit to the Philippines at the end of 2018, President Xi Jinping pledged to protect the Duterte administration from sabotage by including “counter-terrorism” as a major cooperation item along with “defense.” The Duterte administration reviewed its relations with the United States from the ground up and approached China and Russia. He made repeated visits to Beijing, but refused to visit Washington during his six-year term. It was unprecedented.

In 2017, Duterte became the first Philippine president to make an official visit to Russia. The United States, which had treated the Philippines as its former colonial power and its most obedient vassal state, could not allow this. May 23rd of the same year. The flames rose with Duterte's arrival in Moscow. Islamic militants loyal to the Islamic State (IS) extremist group have escalated fighting with the Philippine National Army in the Mindanao region of southern Philippines.

During an official visit to Russia, the president declared martial law throughout Mindanao due to the mopping up of IS. It took the Philippine government five months to declare an end to the fighting, the largest since World War II, which killed nearly 3,000 people. Marawi City, Lanao del Sur, Mindanao Island, which was the center of the urban warfare, was reduced to ruins.

The U.S. neoconservatives' attempt to overthrow the Duterte regime has been foiled because of the support of the Chinese military. It is said that they were able to monitor the movement of IS fighters with satellites by blocking the Sulu waters to the south of Mindanao, which had become an "entry point" for international terrorist groups.

The current president, Bonbon Marcos Jr., was elected president after promising to inherit the Duterte line. The Filipino people have not forgotten the martial law of their father Fernando Marcos and the 20 years of dictatorship, tyranny and usurpation of the nation's wealth. The Marcos dynasty was revived on the condition that Duterte's daughter and former Davao mayor Sara was nominated for vice president.

Sarah, who was inaugurated as Vice President with overwhelming support, and the anti-Marcos faction will try to repeat the 1986 People Power Revolution, which expelled Marcos and forced his family into exile in the United States. ing. Marcos Jr. was inaugurated as president in June this year, but has strongly denied his father's dictatorship and corruption, and has once again taken a major turn toward a pro-American line. It will be interesting to see when anti-Marcos fires come up. If Marcos is ousted, Sarah Duterte will become president.