Unprecedented information warfare that makes Putin into "Mirosevic". Consideration of the Ukrainian War

From the beginning of April after the withdrawal of the Russian army, "murdered bodies" were found one after another near Kieu, the capital of Ukraine, and it was determined that the Russian army had committed the crime. There is now a global fascist swell that will never allow the Russian side to listen to its claims with a blank slate and to test them seriously. However, in the USS Maine case of the Spanish-American War, the Lucitania case of the First World War, and the Gulf of Tonkin case of the Vietnam War, the United States began the war by disguising the enemy's attack. It can be said that the Pearl Harbor incident was also the result of strongly inducing an attack by Japan. The origin of "False Flag Operation" is the United States. What is the heart of what is happening in Ukraine? It is a battle to annihilate Putin-led Russia by both the United States and Britain. The US neo-conservatives who lead this are devoted to the logic of power and do not choose the means for the purpose. Taking full advantage of the issues surrounding Russia and Ukraine, Putin is made into the same war criminal as Milosevic, President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (the 3rd ), and is judged as a war criminal. Keeping in mind that unprecedented information warfare for this has been going on for many years, we cannot accept the "genocide by the Russian army" coverage as it is.

■ Very similar to the covert operation against North Vietnam

First, I will quote a part of the explanation of the Gulf of Tonkin incident in "Kotobank".

"The U.S. Department of Defense announced that the US destroyer Maddox was on August 2, 1964, and the Maddox and destroyer Turner Joy were on patrol on the open seas of the Gulf of Tonkin, respectively, in North Vietnam. The Pentagon argued that the Maddox had met a North Vietnamese patrol boat in the Gulf of Tonkin and fired on the patrol boat. The Pentagon was later exposed. According to the Vietnam Secret Report (Pentagon Papers), the United States has launched a wide-ranging secret operation against North Vietnam called "Operation 34-A Plan" from February 1, 1964 under the command of the commander of the U.S. Military Assistance Force in Saigon. It was activated. This begins with information gathering, sabotage, and bombardment of coastal facilities, and ultimately destroys the core of the North Vietnamese economy, which is exactly called "attack without declaration of war" and "operation of deception". It was a thing. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was part of such an operation. [Shizuo Maruyama] "(The shaded area is emphasized by the author)

There is no sense of discomfort even if North Vietnam in the "34-A Operation Plan" prepared by the US military is replaced with Russia. The purpose of the Ukrainian war is ultimately to "destroy the core of the Russian economy." To that end, in addition to ostensibly sanctions against Russia, neoconservative US rulers should be willing to take any steps, including covert activities and sabotage. Isn't it just a "deception operation" that the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) led by the United States are working on with all their might?

Russia has supported Syria. Anti-government activities and civil war by introducing foreign mercenary troops to Syria, fostering Islamic State. Propaganda that the Syrian army used biochemical weapons and genocide. The United States and Britain disinformation and supported rebels to destroy the Assad regime. Their brunt is directed at all pro-Russian camps, including Iran. It is repeated in Ukraine.
■ Reproduction of what happened in Syria
Russia has supported Syria. Support for anti-government activities by introducing foreign mercenary troops to Syria, a civil war, and fostering an Islamic country. Propaganda that the Syrian army used biochemical weapons and genocide. The United States and Britain created and disseminated disinformation to destroy the Assad regime. And they supported the rebels. Their brunt is directed at all pro-Russian camps, including Iran. It is repeated in Ukraine.
The Presidential Administration of Russia has completely denied, claiming that "genocide is a Ukrainian forgery." Western media, including Japan, do not even put their teeth on the Russian side. A satellite image of a corpse left on the street was determined to have been committed by the Russian army, alleging that it had been taken in mid-March before the withdrawal of the Russian army. The US newspaper reporter who reported it was reported as if he were an expert in satellite imagery analysis. On the other hand, some say that it is easy for Western intelligence agencies to forge satellite images.
Is it "déjà vu"? No, it's the second brew of what happened in Syria.
■ The United States and Britain build a system to move the Ukrainian army
Under these circumstances, there is a rare and reliable analysis that supports the Russian claim that the murder is forged by the Ukrainian army.
Below, I will introduce it with some modifications.
"Russian troops from Bucha (near the capital Kyiv) took several days to complete the withdrawal on March 30, and city officials said on Facebook on March 31 that they were delighted, but there was talk of a slaughter. The telegram channel, Bucha Live, will not talk about the slaughter until the 31st.
However, a video taken from a car uploaded to Twitter on the night of April 1 shows a corpse on Yabronskaya Street. AFP reporters who interviewed the site confirmed 24 bodies, and AP reporters confirmed 20 bodies.
After the Russian troops withdrew, there was a bombardment of Bucha, creating the ruins of the war. The video released by the BBC on April 3 shows a slamming bullet that has cut into the asphalt, and it is estimated that the launch point is on the south side from that state. In other words, it is the place where the Ukrainian army is.
On April 2, the New York Times reported that a battalion of guards (Azov special operations division) organized mainly by neo-Nazis was in Bucha, but it is a rival with the same neo-Nazis as Azov. The Bottsman team, who said they had a relationship, also joined the scene on April 2 with a special force of the Ukrainian police. The Bottsman team was allowed to shoot a person without a blue armband to indicate Ukrainian troops. White armbands are wrapped around the bodies of several photographs released as people executed by the Russian army.
On April 2, the Ukrainian National Police published on the Internet the state of their mopping operation. There was a corpse in the wrecked car, but no other corpse was found. There are some who suspect that the national police may have hidden the corpse. National police knew what had happened because they were working with the Azov National Guard in Bucha, but may not know what the Guard intended to use the corpse for.
The Right Sector, the origin of Azov, was founded in November 2013 by Dmitro Jaros and Andriy Biletsky.  On November 2, 2021, President Zelensky appointed Jaros as an adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army. It can be said that the Ukrainian army came under the command of Jaros at this stage. Jarosh is not only a neo-Nazi, but also belongs to NATO's secret force network. In other words, the US and British intelligence agencies are ready to move the Ukrainian army. (Emphasis on diagonal lines is the author) "
■ "Exclude Russia, judge Putin, a war criminal" 
Exclude Russia (from a veto position), or show what reforms can be done. If not, you are dissolved."
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the members at a public meeting of the UN Security Council (15 countries) held on April 5th.
He urged Russia to be excluded from the five permanent members of the Security Council who have veto power. This is exactly the voice of the United States and Britain.This is also because Russia's expulsion from the permanent members of the UN Security Council is a prerequisite for Putin to be tried in the International War Crimes Tribunal established by the United Nations, as in Milosevic.