"Hey China! Now it's your turn to suffer from the corona pandemic."  What US company forecast implicates

At the beginning of this year, NHK and major newspapers in Japan announced the "10 major risks of this year" by a US research company, "The biggest risk is the" zero corona "policy promoted by China to thoroughly contain the infection of the new coronavirus. Raised the possibility of failure. " In 2020, the Chinese Communist Party government succeeded in completely containing the corona infection that occurred in Wuhan City , and quickly restored the economy to a growth trajectory. In response, the US company predicts that "this year, Corona Zero will fail, causing a major infection and leading to a serious city blockage."
In fact, on December 23, in Xian City, Shaanxi Province, China, a lockdown (city blockade) was introduced due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and about 13 million citizens were ordered to wait at home. Following this, the number of infected people in neighboring Henan Province reached 56 on January 6, and the infection is spreading. The Chinese authorities have set up a social zero policy and are eager to completely contain the corona. However, the number of positives is reported to be about 1,700 as of January 3, which is insignificant compared to Western countries.
■ What the prediction implies
In the midst of the escalating hegemony battle between the United States and China, this prediction can be taken as a threat to China on the US side, saying, "This time, more infectious mutant strains will spread, so it will not be like the last time." If you dare to speculate, the so-called Deep State (DS) forces behind this US company will take advantage of the Corona wreck and put the communist China dismantling plan on track, in the name of world renewal and capitalism reorganization. It must seem to indicate an intention to rebuild the world hegemony of the broken US-UK Anglo-Saxon alliance.
Nikkei expressed this intention most blatantly. "Developed countries are seeing the end of a pandemic with vaccinations and the spread of remedies, but China does not expect to reach it. The Chinese government is aiming for a zero corona policy, but it is highly infectious. We don't think they can compete with the less effective domestic vaccines against the variants. We point out that lockdowns could spread economic turmoil around the world. "
Nikkei might say ,"This time, the Chinese vaccine is powerless."
■ DS that wriggles behind
The US research company is Eurasia Group. If you search for the forces behind it, the above -pointed guessing is no longer an evil guess.
[Photo] David Rockefeller (1915-2017), the founder and honorary chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He was the CEO of Chess Manhattan Bank for a long time.
The CFR is ostensibly a think tank for studying diplomatic and international issues. However, the reality of this organization, which is presided over by Rockefeller and consists of about 4,000 members, is considered to be "American Shadow Government = Deep State (DS)". Since Eisenhower, most of the US Presidents have been sent by the CFR.
According to the company's HP, the company was founded in 1998 based in New York and Washington as a precursor to "a consulting firm specializing in geopolitical risk analysis."
Looking behind it, we encounter the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which makes infectious disease control through the establishment and dissemination of vaccines, medicines, and diagnostic methods one of the important pillars of its activities, and  the World Economic Forum (WEF) of Klaus Schwab, who presides over the Davos Conference.  He advocatess a great reset of the capitalism world toward the post-corona .
In addition, the names of millionaires in the United States, Europe , such as Warren Buffett, who is considered to be the world's number one investor, including the Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation, will also appear.
Eventually, we will reach the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Chatham House, which are in charge of the foreign policy of both the US and British governments. As expected, the so-called Deep State (DS) forces were wriggling later.
■ G-Zero Summit to be held in Japan
The Eurasia Group is holding a strange event that seems to be a demonstration against China. That is the "G Zero Summit" that has been held every year in Japan since 2017.
G-Zero is a term presented in 2011 by the company's CEO and political scientist Ian Bremmer (photo), and is said to represent the international community in which the major developed countries that make up the G7 have lost leadership and the G20 has also ceased to function.
In early December 2021, Prime Minister Kishida, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hagiuta and other key ministers, Masakazu Tokura, Chairman of the Japan Business Federation, Kengo Sakurada, Japan Association of Corporate Executives, and other top executives in Japan's political and business world participated and was held online from December 7th to 9th.
Shortly after the Obama administration was inaugurated, the term G2 (Group of Two, US and China) was widely established among foreign policy experts. However, it is believed that the US-China Cold War, which began in earnest under the Trump administration, caused the G-2 concept based on dialogue and cooperation to malfunction.
Bremer's G-Zero concept was a precursor to this, and it was announced that Japan would take leadership as the "head of the China Containment Alliance" at the G-Zero Summit in Japan. In addition to the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific Initiative" by Japan, the United States and Australia, which is called the quad, Japan is the key to expanding China's siege network through the military advancement of NATO's major countries into the West Pacific. That's why.
However, I have repeatedly mentioned in this blog that this is an imposition of the United States. Note
■ Commercial media's deception
In any case, it is strange that the Japanese Prime Minister, key ministers, and business leaders all attend and give a speech to the United States every year. This alone shows the absolute power of the DS forces behind the Eurasia Group.
Japanese commercial media does not inform readers of the DS forces behind the Eurasia Group. No, they can't tell. Like the government, it's hard work. This is also self-restraint.