Abe's longest administration appointed SDF personnel to important posts. Shadows on civilian control

Only seven years have passed since the dismantling of the Japanese army following the defeat of the Pacific War. In 1952, the predecessor of the Self-Defense Forces, the National Police Reserve, was reorganized and the National Safety Forces were established. This year, the National Defense Academy is first established as a security academy. Shortly after the defeat, the US occupation policy toward Japan was changed to anti-communist absolute priority, and postwar Japan's democratization receded. With the outbreak of the Korean War in June 1950, the National Police Reserve was established and the former Imperial Army and Navy network was revived. Former military officers were sent as executives of the Self-Defense Forces , centered on the officer class belonging to intelligence organizations such as the Kawabe organization and Hattori organization nurtured by the Allied General Headquarters ( GHQ) Intelligence Department 2 (G2), and the newly established National Defense Academy and the Self-Defense Forces. This is because he was appointed as an instructor at the executive candidate school. In this way, today, when the US-China New Cold War sways, the stakes of "democratization and militarism elimination" have come to the fore. The "security theory" that clarifies the position of pro-American anti- china by the SDF executive OB who inherited the ethos of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy to a greater or lesser extent and retired is touted. In the last 10 years, even the trend of "military worship" has emerged, such as the Ministry of Defense embarking on structural reforms that place the same importance on SDF personnel as civilians .

■ Fully tolerate collective self-defense

The growing presence of the Self-Defense Forces cannot be talked about without the Abe administration, which recorded the longest record in history from 2006 to 2020 with a gap of five years in between . In the early 2000s, Japanese society began to move from the "lost decade" after the burst of the bubble economy to the "lost 20 years." Employment insecurity overlaps with the sluggish economy, and voices begin to deny the democratic system of postwar Japan, which is the basis of the US's early occupation policy toward Japan, as "imposing". The rightward inclination of the society with a retrospective color called for the abolition of Article 9 of the Constitution and the regular army of the Self-Defense Forces.

Prime Minister Abe, who realized the promotion of the Defense Agency to the Ministry of Defense, which was a long-cherished desire under the first administration (2006-2007), allowed the exercise of the right of collective self-defense, which was also a long-cherished wish under the second administration (2012-2020). Was decided by the Cabinet in 2014, and based on this, a new security legislation including the revision of the Self-Defense Forces Law was enacted in 2015. Hisahiko Okazaki, a former foreign ministry official who has long told Abe that "permitting the exercise of collective self-defense rights is essential to give the Japan-US alliance a firm duality," went to bed on July 1, 2014, three months before his death. It is reported that he cried when he learned of the approval of the Cabinet decision and said, "The wish for 35 years has come true."

Okazaki's tears suggest that Japan's acceptance of collective self-defense has been informally considered at the administrative level between the US and Japanese governments since the 1980s. The United States officially recommended the Japanese government to allow collective self-defense in the third Armitage Report released in 2012 by the US think tank "Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)" of the command tower against Japan , and the second Abe administration Immediately accepting this, Japan's security policy after the war was completely transformed.

Let's get back to the story. Okazaki and Sase Chang-defense large professor emeritus (international politics) beginning at the time a University of Tokyo professor was Professor Shinichi Kitaoka Akihiko Tanaka et al Abe brain is the right to collective self-defense that had been provided from the time of the first-order regime Constitution related to consider the interpretation review He was an expert member of the Prime Minister's private advisory body, the Advisory Panel on the Legal Base of Security (Security Legal System). Okazaki is Abe's "educator" and Sase is Abe's teacher at Seikei University's Faculty of Law.

Kitaoka, who boasted when he was a student, "I will definitely revise Article 9 of the Constitution while my eyes are dark," wiped out the postwar liberals led by Masao Maruyama from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo, and regained the power of the time. He is a meritorious person who made a scholar's den to give "academic endorsement" to the university. As a reward from Abe, Tanaka and Kitaoka succeeded Sadako Ogata and became the chairman of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Needless to say, the report of the Security Legislation was "conclusion-based."

■ Transformation of the Abe administration

By the way, the first Abe administration, which used the far-right organization Nippon Kaigi as an ideological device for the administration, was extremely cautious and eccentric to the victorious nations of World War II, including the United States and Britain. It broke down in just one year due to the great backlash and shaking symbolized by the resolution to apologize to Japan. In light of this setback, the second administration was led to the longest administration in the history of constitutionalism, with the US occupation policy and the Tokyo Tribunal as the red line.

Abe's proposal for "constitutional amendment" was only verbal. However, the Self-Defense Forces have been integrated as a complementary unit of the US military and have become one of the world's leading troops while being slaved to the United States, and are further strengthening their defense capabilities as an excuse. Becomes the destruction of the Abe administration of chanting "break away from the postwar resume" Yoshida Doctrine and maintenance mainstream line of "lightly armed and economic priority" to respect the post-war democracy, "regain the Japan" as a major piece of US China Transformed into a "regaining Japan, a military power" that can deter.

The sentiment of prewar return was replaced by the rising hostility to communist China. While hating China and despising South Korea, with the backing of the United States, it will become a crowning country that can compete with the West (US, UK, Anglo-Saxon) on an equal footing. "Japan shining in the center of the world," which Abe said every time he went abroad, is a major country in the world symbolized by the G7, while smoking the reality of enslavement to the United States and the rise of China. It was to appeal to the people for pride in Japan.

Still, there is no doubt that Abe denied the Tokyo Tribunal and respected the view of imperial history. On the other hand, Okazaki, who played an important role as one of the "educators," said, " American public opinion should be considered as a matter in international politics." "Cooperation with Anglo-Saxon (US and UK) should be the highest priority. He continued to remind young Abe, and arranged exchanges with the US political and business network in Washington and New York. Abe's pro-American right-wing line was originally badly twisted.

■ Attachment to the Constitution of the Self-Defense Forces

Basis of national existence is, ensuring safety national defense is in). The right to collective self-defense exercise with allies in order is essential" is hammered with, are Toze of the Liberal Democratic Party complained the early realization of the constitutional amendment Abe Was banned from the constitutional amendment by the United States and got stuck. As a measure of poverty, the idea that the current Constitution Article 9 (1) and (2) was added to Article 9-2 and the existence of the Self-Defense Forces was written on the Constitution Memorial Day in May 2017, the so-called Constitutional Proposal. is there.

Unless the "non-retention of force" and "denial of the right to engage" in Article 9 (2) are deleted, it is inevitable that discussions will continue as to what the force is and what the denied right to engage is. In Abe's proposal, including the existence of the Self-Defense Forces, there was a persistent opposition within the Liberal Democratic Party that the Article 9 issue would not be settled no matter how far it went . Pushes away this assertive, under one strong regime, Abe anyway tried to Confine the Self-Defense Forces unconstitutional theory.

Abe's remarks about the Article 9 constitutional amendment always show excessive feelings and feelings toward the Self-Defense Forces.

Abe said in a lecture at the " Choshu'Shinzo'Social gathering" held in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture in 2018 after the proposal for the constitution was proposed .

"Even in recent years, only 20% of the SDF scholars say that the SDF is constitutional, and there is an unconstitutional controversy. As a result, many textbooks describe that the SDF's constitutionality is controversial. The children also have to study in the textbook. One SDF officer said that his son asked, "Dad, is it unconstitutional?" He said he had tears in his eyes. . Is it okay for everyone to stay like this? "

I repeated this claim many times in the Diet response and speeches. Anyway, "I'm sorry for the Self-Defense Forces members. I'm sorry as it is now."

■ Longing for the military

On the other hand, when the second Abe administration regained power from the Democratic Party on September 19, 2015, when it enacted a security legislation that would allow the exercise of collective self-defense with the U.S. military, it defended under the Democratic Party of Japan. Toshimi Kitazawa, who served as the minister, said, " Mr. Abe has a longing for the military."

In an answer at the House of Councilors Budget Committee on March 20, 2015, which marked this milestone, Abe called the Self-Defense Forces "my army." Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary at the time, explained this and said, "It was a question about joint training with foreign troops. In such a question, the Self-Defense Forces were called my army. Therefore, the mistake of the answer is not true at all. " It is natural to think that the word "my army" leaked from Abe's mouth due to the longing and longing that "the name of the Self-Defense Forces, which became an ordinary army with collective self-defense rights, should be given to the Japanese army as soon as possible". There will be .


Abe's "longing for the military" pointed out by Kitazawa can be seen in the instructions given as the commander-in-chief at the Self-Defense Forces inspection ceremony = photo = in October 2016 . Among them, the following " Story of a Depressed Maritime Self-Defense Force Officer and his son " stands out.





"Once you go offshore, you can't go home for a few months. Some SDF personnel have been on duty, leaving behind a heavy wife and praying for the health of their family and the smooth growth of their unseen child. I will.

The Self-Defense Forces do not sleep 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Japan's territory, territorial waters, and airspace will be firmly protected. With that strong determination, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who silently perform this difficult task in a harsh security environment.

Aegis ship straight line. Five days ago, a Maritime Self-Defense Force officer ended his 31-year life in the Self-Defense Forces.
"My father was hardly at home. Even when I was there, I was rumbling. My
son, who became a sophomore in high school, had a time when he rebelled against his father.
This month, my son was also invited to a farewell party held by a friend of the same ship (Fune).
In the picture I saw on the spot, I saw a young, uniformed father who was seriously devoting himself to his mission with a harsh expression that he had never seen at home .
The crew told us how important their father had been at the forefront of missile defense, how many juniors had respected him, and what he had to say.
At the end of the farewell party, his son, who grabbed the microphone, said:
"My dad's back has never looked as big and great as it is today . "
And I say this.
I will be a good SDF officer like my father. 』 ”

Despite the remarks made at the Self-Defense Forces parade, which is a parade of the military parade and the military parade , Abe's words exude a feeling of special respect for military personnel. Isn't Abe's feelings itself the statement that "the basis of national existence is ensuring security (national defense) " in the 2007 report of the Security Legislation ? For Abe, prewar Japan, which has an imperial army with the Emperor as a generalissimo, is "beautiful Japan," and abandoning the occupation constitution and regaining an independent army would "regain Japan." There is no doubt that Abe, who seems to have never had any doubts about Yasukuni's thought , is an anti-communist with little scholarship, who is obsessed with the passion of returning to the prewar period and his admiration for the Imperial Army .

Superficiality of Abe of anti-communist sentiment, was the Liberal Democratic Party president in the administration disengagement period (2009-2012) Sadakazu Tanigaki is while and walk behind them are talking about the protection of workers policy to the Japanese reporters, "Tanigaki-san, it is a materialistic historical view, "he said clearly in the video recording the appearance of him leaving with a light tone.

■ Heavy use of SDF personnel and increase of executives

Of the Liberal Democratic Party faction, Kiyoshihanashi Board is a shore network of contacts the leader Yoshiro Mori the Second Mori Cabinet in 2000 that Prime Minister form a cabinet House of Representatives elected just played for the third time Shinzo Abe is appointed to the Cabinet Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who was in charge of the successor to the Seiwakai administration, appointed Abe as the secretary-general of the party in the second Koizumi Cabinet . Members under the age of 50, who are inexperienced in ministerial and party positions , receive exceptional treatment.

It is difficult to explain why Abe emerged in this way, ignoring the intentions of the US conservatives. For the situation in this area, please refer to the above-mentioned series article "Anti-communist soldiers and Seiwakai rule", but since 2001,With the inauguration of the US neo-conservative government, the movement to integrate the Self-Defense Forces with the US military and make Japan a "normal country" that can effectively retain its strength and engage in battle will accelerate. First, the ruling party and the Liberal Democratic Party tried to place SDF personnel and senior alumni who were "treated as shaders" in Hinata.

The pioneer was Gen Nakatani , who was the youngest in history at the First Koizumi Cabinet in 2001, and was the first person from the National Defense Academy / Self-Defense Forces to be appointed as the Secretary of the Defense Agency. Nakatani was the youngest in history to take office , probably because he was the only Liberal Democratic Party member who graduated from the National Defense Academy and was an alumnus of an executive self-defense officer at that time. In addition, it seems that it was convenient for public opinion measures that Nakatani belonged to the Tanigaki group of the dovish faction, Seiwakai, which is said to be the mainstream of Yoshida school and maintenance. Anyway , it was necessary to appoint a person from the Self-Defense Forces to the minister in charge of national defense as a "request of the times" .

Shinzo Abe appointed Nakatani as Defense Minister in the Third Abe Cabinet (December 2014-October 2015). Following the Cabinet decision in July 2014 that allowed the exercise of collective self-defense rights, the SDF OB was placed at the top of the Ministry of Defense during the period when a series of security bills centered on the revision of the Self-Defense Forces Law were enacted in September 2015. May have been a strong political speculation.

According to media reports, Nakatani was asked at a press conference on August 4, 2016, the most painful memory of his tenure of one year and eight months, and was asked about security-related laws (security associated with the approval of collective self-defense). "The deliberation was stopped 222 times. I thought I would answer as hard as I could, but it was very difficult for me (the opposition party) to understand it," he said. did. ( Left photo ) The Sankei Shimbun and others reported that they " cryed" and emphasized that the Self-Defense Forces had become a de facto ordinary military due to the enactment of the new security legislation .



■ Praise of Tamogami and exclusion of Hatoyama

With the advent of the first Abe administration and the transformation of the social climate with the Nippon Kaigi as a major pillar, the active self-defense officials have exposed the retrospective behavior and criticism of the Democratic Party of Japan. Here are two typical examples.

One aviation chief of staff of the incumbent (Sorasho) as the 2008 APA group sponsored the first time in the "" true modern and contemporary view of history "essay" under the title of "Do Japan was an aggressor nation" applied for This is the behavior of Toshio Tamogami, who won the highest award. The allegations that directly denied the government's views expressed in the Murayama and Kono statements were regarded as a problem, and the position of Chief of Staff, Air Force was dismissed, but Tamogami was suddenly touted as a "darling of the times."

When he retires at the end of 2008, he and the Nippon Kaigi right-wing group push out the denial of the Tokyo Tribunal and the war of aggression and engage in active political activities. In 2010, he became the representative of "Do your best Japan! National Action Committee" and will host anti-China demonstrations nationwide in the wake of the Senkaku Islands Chinese fishing boat collision incident that occurred in October of the same year. He also accused Japan of biased coverage of Fuji TV, said that it would not be a deterrent in exclusive defense, and said that possession of nuclear weapons should be tolerated. Attendance, etc. From the Police Reserve established in long time of more than 60 years across, that would have been hammered the "Koguntamashi" the old military officials discontent that has been subsoil to the Self-Defense Forces officials, as if dispel the anger, Restoration distinctively From the standpoint of nationalism, he violently challenged the state of postwar Japan.

The Iraq dispatch Self-Defense Forces are a number of verbal abuse, such as "kind of relationship Hey" remarks against the Nagoya High Court ruling unconstitutional seems to have become to those unacceptable even for the Japanese government, Tamogami the 2014 candidacy to, defeated was in the Governor election Arrested in 2016 for violating the Public Offices Election Act . The Supreme Court ruling at the end of 2018 confirmed the guilty Taking this opportunity, this increased "person of time" hides the sound.

Another example is the case that occurred in 2010 when Kitazawa mentioned above was in charge of the defense minister of the Cabinet of Yukio Hatoyama. When the Japan-US joint exercise began on February 10, the first class colonel of the 44th Infantry Regiment of the Ground Self-Defense Force criticized Hatoyama's (then) remarks with insult. He mentioned that Hatoyama had told US President Barack Obama to "trust me" on the Futenma base relocation issue, saying, "The alliance is not maintained by diplomatic or political rhetoric, let alone" trust. " It's not something that can be maintained just by saying something like "Take me". "

The Ministry of Defense announced the appointment of the regimental commander to be effectively removed on March 23, the same year . Kitazawa Defense Minister is "National intention is that politics and diplomacy to deny, but such remarks, further there is a content, such as Yuni remarks of Prime Minister," "Self-Defense Forces with the ability criticism and unworthy are the commander acts", The change was justified.

At the House of Representatives Security Committee on March 11th, former Liberal Democratic Party member Gen Nakatani (former Defense Minister) said, "Self-Defense Forces members are working hard for the country. while spoke with Thailand ", Kitazawa defense Minister is" the most dangerous is to make the structure of the graces to praise the Self-defense Forces. the presence of the Self-defense Forces is if the good of all because in that hard politics is eliminated. Showa It is clear in the history of the Army and Navy. " This was also a severe criticism of the Abe group.

In March 2015, ahead of the enactment of the new security legislation, there was a structural reform of the Ministry of Defense that disregarded civilian control.

The Ministry of Defense has abolished the Operation Planning Bureau, which has been in charge of the operation of the Self-Defense Forces in the internal subdivision consisting of defense officers, and unified it into the Joint Staff Office (Joint Staff Office) consisting of senior self-defense officers. At the same time, Article 12 of the Ministry of Defense Establishment Law, which has been perceived as showing superiority over suits in suits, has been amended to make both equal.

Kitazawa's warning, " History of the old army running out of control and rushing into a reckless war," is no longer a solid weight in modern Japan.

■ Pave the way for " military professional" worship

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office has moved to detect the case of Tamogami's election violation. Former Japanese military personnel were the main leaders of the Self-Defense Forces in the mid-1960s when the Tamogami generation entered the National Defense Academy. Until the mid-1980s, most of the posts of the chairman of the Joint Staff Office, the top of the Self-Defense Forces (then the current Chief of Staff, Joint Staff), seemed to be occupied by former military personnel from the Army War College / Army War College and the Naval Academy / Naval War College. In addition, the Self-Defense Forces and related educational institutions were dominated by the former Imperial Army network.

Tamogami probably spoke for the true intentions of the majority of senior SDF personnel. However, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office may have had to move because it was so blatant and radical. It seems that the power of Washington worked from the same circumstances as the Abe administration was purged.

Since the inauguration of the second administration, the SDF executive OB has begun to appear as a smart military expert, just as Shinzo Abe no longer talks about "breaking out of postwar resume." In addition to the traditional media of the Fuji Sankei Group, which blatantly incites China's hostility and South Korea's disdain, with leading universities and research institutes in the United States as seen in the net media launched by leading economic newspaper OBs about 10 years ago. Former SDF researchers involved and former SDF executives who have studied abroad in the United States were invited as commentators, and they began to appeal for the promotion of Japan-US military cooperation in a more sophisticated manner. Former SDF generals have appeared in the Mainichi Shimbun and other general newspapers.

In addition , there are also conspicuous people who are advisors to major Japanese munitions companies such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries . Their words and actions clearly show the intentions of the Japanese and US governments and munitions companies. In addition, some are heads of the "Strategic Issues" Institute, which is suspected to have been funded.

Most recently, we will actively discuss the Taiwan contingency, which is an issue of urgent need today. Some general OB groups are playing the role of "wolf boys" who instigate the Chinese People's Liberation Army invading the Senkaku and Senkaku at any moment. The Chinese army is likely to launch a preemptive attack on the Senkaku Islands before the attack on Taiwan Island.

As quoted in the article above, one book writes:

"The direct crisis is the scenario where the Senkaku is targeted first for the invasion of Taiwan . Depending on the situation, the Senkaku Islands can be used as a base for China to invade Taiwan.There is a possibility that it will come to control. Land on the Senkaku and create a base. If there is such a situation, the armed attack situation is recognized and defense is dispatched . The Self-Defense Forces will soon have to use force to recapture the Senkaku. According to the Security Treaty, the US military will also participate. China's invasion of Taiwan and the operation to recapture the Senkaku will be integrated. "

This book, which discusses "Taiwan's contingency and Japan's security" and encourages readers to realize that "Taiwan's contingency is Japan's contingency," was co-authored by four former SDF generals. They are two former air generals who retired from 2012 to 2017, a former land general, and a former sea general, all in their 60s. Three of them have the title of former Harvard University Senior Research Fellow. The four are said to be engaged in military research with a joint office in central Tokyo.

It can be said that this is an attempt by the US Japan Handler, who was worried about the Tamagami phenomenon, to worship the imperial history and to cover the anti-American magma in a bottle that swirls deep inside the Self-Defense Forces organization. The US-Japan Security Treaty is certainly the lid of the bottle.

How long can the United States keep the SDF executives and their OB groups, who are growing and overconfident, in the palm of their hands?

The problem is how the Japanese themselves overcome this reality. 

[Photo] The "net media launched by leading economic paper OB et al." And "favorability rating record, Now is the time to review the role of the Self-Defense Forces eye to the international situation to increase the severity, the law needed to protect the public the system has been attached to the March post article 2015 of the "" whereabouts in unknown person of the search, the Self-Defense Forces colleagues "that moment of silence in at 2:46 pm of the earthquake occurrence time image of the (April 11, 2011 shooting)