"Achieving constitutional amendment with my own hands" is Prime Minister Abe's biggest lie-how does he deceive us?

The annual visit to Ise Jingu by ministers led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, ignoring the principle of separation of church and state in the current Constitution. Did he deeply apologize for the disloyalty of not being able to revise the current constitution that deprived the emperor Amaterasu Omikami of the divinity of the emperor?

Immediately after his visit on February 6, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reiterated at a press conference that "the idea of ​​achieving constitutional amendment with my own hands is unwavering."

The Nazi minister of public relations, Goebbels, said, "If you tell a lie a hundred times, it will be true." However, it is a lie about Prime Minister Abe's constitutional amendment that it will not be true no matter how many times it is told. Check the biggest lying gimmicks.

"3rd Armitage Nai Report"

In April 2012, during the opposition era, the LDP published a new draft constitution. Four months later, Washington sent a message to Tokyo that "there is no need to revise the Peace Constitution," as if in anticipation of a change of government and Abe's re-pitch at the end of the same year. This is the third edition of the "Armitage Nai Report", a directive to Japan that represents the consensus of not only the US government but also the mainstream US.

* [IWJ Blog] CSIS "3rd Armitage Report" full-text translation posted 2013.2.3
https://iwj.co.jp/wj/open/archives/56226 For
details, see Iwanami Shoten's monthly magazine "World" April 2018 issue My manuscript "What the stray of Abe's" Kaken "proposal suggests-the yoke of unwavering defeat"

This directive ordered a "prohibition of constitutional amendment" in conjunction with the permission to exercise the right of collective self-defense, which has been consistently recommended since the first report in 2000. The re-appearing Abe administration decided in 2014 to allow collective self-defense by changing the interpretation of Article 9 of the Constitution, and the following year it forced a new security bill that could dispatch the Self-Defense Forces as a complementary unit to the US military. In addition, we have obediently followed all directives such as TPP promotion, restart of nuclear power plants, secret protection law, and abolition of the three principles of arms exports.

If you disobey the strict order of "prohibition of constitutional amendment", the lifeline of the administration will be exhausted immediately. The blade remains stuck to the prime minister's neck.

Measures for poverty: Self-Defense Forces specified in Article 9

The voter turnout in the 19th House of Councilors election fell below 50%, probably due to the infestation of powerlessness in politics due to the lack of opposition. In addition to the single-seat constituency system, the declining turnout has become a magic, and although the supporters are less than 30% of the voters, the Liberal Democratic Party has won all six national elections since the inauguration of the second Abe administration. The road is exploding. "

As a result of the upper house election in July 2016, the total number of members of the ruling party of the self-government coalition has finally exceeded two-thirds of the number required to propose a constitutional amendment in both houses of councilors. Starting with the far-right organization Nippon Kaigi, which shouts "Occupation Constitution," the prime minister was in dire straits as the government's supporters urged the arrival of a chance for a thousand times and the immediate implementation of a constitutional amendment.

"How can I survive well?" Abe's surroundings, including the official residence of the "wisdom", must have indulged in pondering. What came out was the so-called Abe Constitution, which is said to be the idea of ​​the new and old Komeito executives, "keeping Article 9, paragraphs 1 and 2 and adding 3 new paragraphs to write the Self-Defense Forces in a clear statement."

The idea was first made public in a video message sent by the Prime Minister to a constitutional amendment rally on the following Constitution Memorial Day, May 3, 2017, as a measure of poverty. Most of the strong opposition to the constitutional amendment group, which behaves as if it is obsessed with the view of imperial history but is suspected of having a connection with the CIA, and the current Article 9 that should never be handed over from influential supporters. It didn't go up.

The party's constitutional amendment was not adopted at the LDP convention. 19 Flexible route after the upper house election

Since then, the Liberal Democratic Party has been cleverly advancing the operation of "Abe's constitutional amendment" while raising the flag of "promotion of constitutional amendment".

The core production was performed at the party convention in March 2018. He argued that the debate over the four items of constitutional amendment would not be settled, and avoided adopting the party draft that should be submitted to the Diet. It is said that many were never in favor of Abe's proposal. Nevertheless, this proposal was adopted as a mysterious image of the party's constitutional amendment after being held by the head of the party's constitutional amendment promotion headquarters along with the objections of the minority.

Regarding the constitutional amendment procedure, Abe's power to water down Article 9 of the Constitution has been hidden by forcibly adopting a number of unconstitutional legislation including the new security bill. Since last year, especially after the House of Councilors election, where the "two-thirds seat system" has collapsed, he seems to have been relieved, and Prime Minister Abe said, "Let's bring each party's proposal to the (parliamentary) constitutional examination committee and have a great discussion between the ruling and opposition parties. I made my posture more flexible. It was as if he said, "I can't make a forced proposal anymore. It's okay to have a discussion for discussion."

The Constitutional Review Board, which does not have a deadline for discussion, is a good cover

There are two options in the first stage of the procedure for proposing a constitutional amendment to the Diet for a referendum. One is the submission of drafts by members of the House of Representatives with the approval of 100 people and the House of Councilors with the approval of 50 people, which is called "members' proposal". The other is the submission of the draft by the Constitutional Review Board. Regardless of which method is used, the revised draft to be submitted will be approved by more than two-thirds of the members of the Diet at the plenary session of the general public after being passed by a majority of the constitutional examination committees after explaining the purpose and asking and answering questions at the plenary sessions of both houses. If it is voted in, it will be a revised bill and will be proposed by the Diet.

However, at the Liberal Democratic Party general affairs meeting of the highest decision-making body held on October 15, 2018, Chairman Katsunobu Kato (at that time) said, "Before submitting the draft constitutional amendment (party draft) to the Diet, the general affairs meeting Approval procedure is required, "he said.

At this time, the chairman of the general affairs said, "(Draft = image draft, not party draft) will be presented to the Constitutional Review Board of the Diet, and each party will have a lot of discussions as a starting point." For this reason, there is no situation in which 100 members of the House of Representatives and 50 members of the House of Councilors make a "proposal" for the deliberation of the Diet, which is the normal submission of a bill. It is not organized to be detained by the party. "

In short, it is equivalent to stating, "We will not submit the party's draft to the plenary session. We just need to raise the constitutional reform debate at the Constitutional Review Board."

If the Liberal Democratic Party executives submit a draft constitutional amendment that is subject to party discipline (proposed by a member of the Diet), it will proceed to the Diet and referendum, and the constitutional amendment that Washington "strictly prohibits" may be realized by any chance. I should have been afraid. "I want you to have a lot of discussion at the Constitutional Review Board" is a dazzle. For the prime minister, who has repeatedly said that "the constitutional amendment does not have a schedule" since the middle of 2017, the debate on the examination committee, which has no deadline for discussions and decisions, is a good cover.

Take the opportunity to turn to amendment of the Constitutional Amendment Law

At the Liberal Democratic Party convention in March 2018, it was difficult to tighten the members of the Diet to unify the party proposal to the Abe constitution, use this as the party draft, obtain the approval of the Board of Governors, and detain the party. I don't think it was. Under the "Abe 1st Abe" and "2/3 seat system", it would have been easier if the party was prepared to force a vote in the Diet. It suffices to recall the strong intra-party dissent in the debate over collective self-defense and the new security bill.

As the ruling party, which accounts for the overwhelming majority of both houses, there should be no such things as submitting the party's draft to the plenary session of both houses with the approval of "100 members of the House of Representatives and 50 members of the House of Councilors". However, unless the party is detained, the controversy will be "replayed" in the Diet, as in the party convention in March 2018, among LDP members.

On the other hand, when the Liberal Democratic Party presented a four-item party image proposal including a constitutional proposal at the Constitutional Review Board, which is another way, the opposition party's cold response is clearer than watching the fire. Just as the decision to amend the so-called referendum law, which stipulates the constitutional amendment procedure, was postponed for five consecutive parliaments at the closing of the extraordinary Diet session at the end of 2019, the draft amendment was compiled at the examination committee with the agreement of the ruling and opposition parties. There is no other choice but to say "dream again".

About a year after the upper house election in 2019, it was not good for the two parties to jointly submit a bill to amend the referendum law in June 2018. At a time when it was a "unique opportunity for a" long-sought constitutional amendment "", he dared to change the constitutional amendment procedure law, effectively freezing the deliberation and voting of the amendment. This is also a sighing voluntary "self-bondage" and can be said to be a "voluntary servitude" to the United States.

For fertilizer to grow 4 selected buds

"I have no sway in my desire to achieve constitutional amendment with my own hands." Prime Minister Abe copied the words after visiting Ise Jingu at the NHK Sunday Debate on January 12th. Similarly, he called for "I strongly hope that the Constitutional Review Board will hold constructive discussions beyond the walls of the ruling and opposition parties," and made the review board discussions a "cloak of invisibility" as usual.

The 40-minute policy speech on the first day of the ordinary session of the Diet, which was convened on January 20, devoted only a minute to the final part of the final session, calling for active discussions on the constitutional amendment at the Constitutional Review Board, and members of the Diet. It is a disposition that appeals to the "historical mission" to be fulfilled.

At the party meeting just before, he said, "We should revise the parts that are not suitable for the times. The most important thing is Article 9 of the Constitution." However, in the speech of the Diet, he did not go into the contents of the constitutional amendment at all, but only called for discussion. Will be done. My mother-in-law is spurring.

Looking only at the suspicions that have fallen directly on the prime minister himself over the past few years, scandals have been constantly erupting from Moritomo and Kakei to the cherry blossom viewing party. Every time the document was destroyed, falsified, and infinitely false and rich answers were repeated, and at the beginning of 2020, "the longest in office history, but no legacy", "the expiration date has expired and the body is dead", etc. The news and commentary that was said to have run out became conspicuous. Currently, the total resignation and early dissolution during the ordinary Diet session are being actively talked about.

Although it is literally a little dark, the pollster results showed that the approval rating of the Cabinet increased by 6.6 points on January 12. After crushing Shigeru Ishiba and Shinjiro Koizumi, the campaign involving the four presidents, "No successor" and "Mr. Abe after Mr. Abe," is being successful. An aide said, "If Trump is reelected this fall, he will definitely call for a Shinzo." From Nagatacho, there is a voice saying, "Now that the reunion of the Constitutional Democratic Party and the Democratic Party for the People's Democratic Party has been cut off, if we decide to dissolve the general election, we may win overwhelmingly depending on the turnout."

The prime minister seems to have found a big advantage while he was biting. "Abandoned 2020, the new constitution will come into effect after 21". It has already been reported as follows. If you keep saying, "Make sure to change the constitution of your wishes with my own hands," it will be a fertilizer to avoid lame duck, revise the party rules, and nurture the buds of the four elections in September 2009.

Don't be deceived or ridiculed anymore.