Destroyed Turkish-brokered Ukraine ceasefire agreement Doubt the 'Bucha massacre'

A ceasefire agreement on the Ukrainian war was reached on March 29, 2019, through the mediation of the Turkish government. However, according to the agreement, the Russian army, which had just withdrawn from the outskirts of the capital Kyiv, indiscriminately killed the residents of Bucha, a suburb of the capital . However, it was intensively reported. As a result, the temporary ceasefire agreement brokered by Turkey was forgotten. Therefore, the suspicion that the “Bucha massacre” was the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which was a self-imposed act of the US military in the case of the Vietnam War, cannot be wiped out in order to destroy the provisional agreement. U.S. President Biden and other high-ranking government officials have shown their displeasure with Turkey's intervention by avoiding any contact, including phone calls, with Turkish President Erdogan, who was enthusiastic about mediating the ceasefire negotiations. Thus, the provisional agreement appears to have become a target for destruction by the US neoconservatives.

■ Basic agreement in Turkey

First, let's look back at the March 2022 ceasefire negotiations, focusing on multiple Turkish media reports.

 David Alakamia, the Russian negotiator who headed the Ukrainian delegation, said on March 4 that sufficient progress had been made to arrange a "direct meeting between the two leaders." The chief negotiator told Ukrainian state television that the Putin-Zelensky summit was "most likely" to be held in Ankara or Istanbul.

"Moscow has already 'verbally' accepted Kiev's most important demands," Alakamia said, adding that there was no written confirmation yet of Ukraine's 10-point demands. "The Russian Federation has officially responded to all our views. In this context, the chief negotiator said, ``They accepted all arguments for Ukraine, with the exception of Crimea, which was annexed in 2014,' with Moscow. "agreed that holding a referendum on Ukraine's neutral status was the 'only option on the road to a solution'," said the He said he will now work on the final version of the document.

Face-to-face talks in Istanbul, brokered by Turkey (pictured) , resulted in a basic agreement between the peace negotiating groups on March 29 . The Ukrainian government of Zelensky has agreed to a ceasefire with Russia with significant concessions.

Both parties released statements after the negotiations were completed. The Ukrainian delegation stressed that national security is their most important demand. The Ukrainian side said the option of a referendum in disputed areas such as eastern Donbans had come to the fore and called for the vote to be held peacefully without pressure.

Ukrainian negotiators said they would join the European Union (EU), not NATO . The same official said Ukraine would accept neutral status if the security system worked .

■ Rejection of the Biden Administration

The neoconservatives who dominate the Biden US administration did not admit this. He was furious with the Erdogan regime.

The first item of the basic agreement included the most inconvenient for the United States, the neutralization and non-NATOization of Ukraine. In addition, the territorial issues of Crimea and Donbass remain unresolved, and a referendum will be considered to determine the outcome of the issue. Russia, which announced the reduction of military operations in the capital Kyiv and reduced its eastern front, appreciated this content. If things go on like this, President Putin and President Zelensky are likely to meet, and a ceasefire is approaching reality.

Russia RT reported on six basic agreements between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey. The future security of Ukraine, which does not join any security group, was supposed to involve Britain, China, the United States, Turkey, France, Canada, Italy, Poland and Israel.Highlights from Russia-Ukraine peace talks in Turkey — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

It was difficult for the United States to accept the involvement of China and Turkey. The basic peace agreement was targeted for destruction.

Russian forces announced a reduction in military operations in Kyiv, and actually began to withdraw on March 30. The Ukrainian army will soon return. Ukrainian troops also returned to Bucha, near Kyiv, three days after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

Immediately, information began to circulate that Russian troops had been massacring Ukrainian civilians.

On April 2, the mayor of Puta near Kyiv announced that 280 bodies had been buried in Puta alone . 14-year-old girl, man with hands tied behind her. The news that many bodies had been left on the streets was quickly sent to the world by US and UK media.

The murder of a civilian in Bucha, near Kyiv (Kyiv), the capital of Ukraine, was blamed on US President Biden and British Prime Minister Johnson (at the time), who said, "This is a war crime. President Putin should be held accountable." rice field. In response, Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov said, ``After the Russian army left Putya on the 30th, the local mayor appeared on TV for three days. I didn't say a single word," he said. President Putin , furious at the response of the United States and Britain, terminated the negotiations, and the basic peace agreement came to naught.

Some Turkish media concluded that the Buça massacre was a deliberate fabrication.

■ "Fake an incident and incite hatred toward the enemy"
In today's IT and AI era, information warfare and sabotage to trap enemies have become incredibly complex and sophisticated. We will do everything in our power to covertly destroy hostile forces using state-of-the-art technology. It really is "anything goes". There is no room for humanitarian considerations or democratic procedures. Ukrainian neo-Nazi special forces trained by the U.S., British and affiliated intelligence agencies disguised themselves as Russian soldiers and fired missiles at residential areas and hospitals. There should be no trick to fabricating the bodies of dead civilians as if they were abandoned by Russian soldiers.
In considering the Bucha massacre, one thing to remember is the history of US false flag operations. The Maine Incident of the Spanish-American War, the Lusitania Incident of World War I, and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident of the Vietnam War also involved disguised attacks by the United States to go to war. It can be said that the Pearl Harbor Incident was the result of strongly inducing a surprise attack by Japan. The United States is the originator of “false flag operations” and “deception operations” in the history of modern warfare .
What is the crux of what is happening in Ukraine? It is a battle between the United States and Britain to destroy Putin and Russia.
The U.S. and the U.K. also spread false information in Syria to overthrow the Assad regime and supported armed anti-government groups. It propagandized that the military had used biological and chemical weapons and committed genocide. Their brunt was aimed at all pro-Russian camps, including Iran. It is repeated in Ukraine .

Meanwhile, there is a rare and credible Western analysis that supports Russia's claim that the massacre was fabricated by the Ukrainian military .

“Russian troops from Bucha (near the capital Kyiv) took several days to complete the withdrawal on March 30, and on March 31 , city officials expressed their joy on Facebook, but there was no talk of a massacre. No. Telegram channel Bucha Live doesn't even mention the massacre until the 31st.

However, a video taken from a car posted on Twitter on the evening of April 1 shows a dead body on Yablonskaya Street. An AFP reporter on the ground confirmed 24 bodies, while an AP reporter confirmed 20.

After the Russians withdrew, Bucha was bombarded, leaving the ruins of the war . A video released by the BBC firing point was to the south. That is where the Ukrainian army is located.

On April 2, the New York Times reported that an SS battalion (Azov Special Operations Detachment) composed mainly of neo-Nazis was in Bucha. Botsman's team, which is said to be in the area, is said to have entered the scene on April 2 with Ukrainian police special forces. Botsman's team was authorized to shoot anyone not wearing the blue Ukrainian armband. White armbands are wrapped around the bodies of several bodies in photographs published as those of those executed by the Russian military .

On April 2, the Ukrainian National Police published a video of their mop-up operation online . There was a corpse in the wrecked car, but no other corpses were found. Some suspect that the state police hid the body there. The National Police, having worked with the Azov National Guard in Bucha, knew what had happened, but may not have known what the SS intended to do with the corpse.

Azov's parent company, the Right Sector, was founded in November 2013 by Dmitro Yarosh and Andriy Biletsky On November 2, 2021, President Zelensky appointed Yarosh as an advisor to the Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It can be said that at this stage the Ukrainian army came under the command of Yarosh. Yarosh is not only a neo-Nazi, he is part of NATO's covert force network . In other words, the US and British intelligence agencies were poised to move the Ukrainian military .

Now, the German Social Democrat (SPD)-led coalition is in the midst of putting out the “we are at war with Russia” statement by German Foreign Minister Annalena Beerbock, who belongs to the Alliance 90 Green Party. The 42-year-old Foreign Minister, who is considered to be a candidate to succeed Merkel and was influenced by neoconservatives, has recently told the European Parliament, "Get rid of Russia, China and Turkey ." The future of not only Germany but also the EU depends on whether the Scholz coalition government can put a brake on this trend.