'Hole in Mr. Abe's heart', emergency doctor, police cover this for 4 months, desperate media silence


The decisive issue surrounding the assassination of former Prime Minister Abe has been swept under the rug and is being buried in the dark. A doctor at a university hospital who rescued Mr. Abe, who was shot on July 8 and was transported to the hospital with cardiopulmonary arrest , testified at a press conference that "a bullet that entered from the base of his right neck had damaged his heart." (Photo) =. The National Police Agency disregarded the testimony of an emergency medical doctor at the university hospital, stating, "His left upper arm was shot, and large arteries under the left and right subclavian bones were damaged. This resulted in death from blood loss " It's been four months since this discrepancy came to light. The media remains stubbornly silent, pretending that the matter is already settled.

The Asahi Shimbun, in its October 2 morning edition, said, "The House of Representatives will hold its first meeting on the 1st of a council of ruling and opposition parties to verify the state funeral of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and plan to set a certain direction during the current Diet session. Rules for holding a state funeral. and how the Diet will be involved in the process of deciding whether to hold a state funeral.

Most uncertain are the views between Abe's emergency physicians and forensic autopsies on how Abe was shot on the day of the incident and the cause of death. This is because there is a definite discrepancy. Aside from the state funeral issue, the investigation into the truth of the assassination case stands out for its weight and urgency. Abe's assassination has become a department store of questions and mysteries. Ultimately, however, the statement by the police authorities who conducted the judicial autopsy did not match the testimony of the doctor in charge of the university hospital who performed the open-heart surgery for emergency lifesaving.

Tetsuya Yamagami, who is believed to be the perpetrator, is being detained for psychiatric evaluation until the end of November. The media no longer reports anything about Yamagami's current situation, as if they forgot about it. There are signs that the appraisal detention is likely to be extended. Police said they would reveal the results of the autopsy at the trial. That means we didn't reveal everything in July. Police said Abe was hit twice, and confirmed a gunshot wound to his neck, but the location and angle of the bullet make it unlikely that the bullet went to the heart. That's why I skipped this explanation. The gunshot wound and the heart hit of the bullet pointed out by the university hospital are impossible for Yamagami's firing. In short, it is most natural to assume that someone put the muzzle directly into the right neck and fired downwards. It is extremely difficult to reliably penetrate the ventricle from a long distance.

"The figure was created by the Yomiuri Shimbun based on the explanation of the National Police Agency. Please pay attention to the direction of the bullet that hit the neck."

Unless Yamagami is not prosecuted and held criminally responsible for his physical and mental incapacity, no trial will be held and the truth will never be revealed. In the first place, it should not be thought that it is the purpose of long-term appraisal detention.

Ten days after the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, on December 1, 1963, President Johnson appointed a seven-member committee chaired by Chief Justice Earl Warren to investigate the truth about the assassination. committee). On December 10, the Dallas Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigative report was submitted to the Warren Commission. In response, the Department of Justice, headed by Robert Kennedy, displeased and rejected the FBI report that singled Oswald .

Why didn't the Kishida Cabinet set up an investigative commission in the government or the Diet to find out the truth about Abe's assassination? The Liberal Democratic Party Abe faction and the opposition parties do not move at all. I don't even raise my voice. In the Lockheed case, which was uncovered on February 4, 1976, the House of Representatives Budget Committee held several meetings from February 16, 1976 , prior to the commencement of a full-scale investigation by the prosecution and others in response to testimony by the US Senate Church Committee. He summoned the people involved in the case as witnesses and played the role of a de facto investigative committee. This time Washington is staring at you, so you're saying you won't do anything? I can't help but suspect that.

The complete silence of the mass media is even more eerie and truly mysterious. He is voicing his final decree as "Watchdog".


<Note: Please refer to the article published on August 10, "Abe's murder theory that cannot be laughed off, verification is essential. Did Abe fall from the stepping stone?"