"Nagatacho riot record" is not a report. Covered Liberal Democratic Party presidential election

■ The end of the Kochikai administration
Kishida issued a candidate statement early at the end of August, saying, "The voice of the people does not reach the politics, or the explanation of politics does not affect the hearts of the people. Such a harsh and urgent voice was overflowing. I have a strong sense of crisis that Japan's democracy itself is at stake, and I have raised my hand first in the presidential election. " This was a determination to spit out the pus of the long-term one-strong politics, a number of scandals accumulated by the Abe administration plus the Suga administration that lasted for nearly nine years.
However, as soon as he spoke of a scandal re-investigation such as the Moritomo scandal, Abe glared at him and immediately turned his words around. Kishida is the territory of the Kochikai, which was called the conservative mainstream of Japanese politics after the war, and will be the Kochikai administration for the first time in 30 years since Kiichi Miyazawa. However, Japan's conservative politics was replaced by the US Neocon administration, which carried out the Gulf War, the invasion of Afghanistan, and the Iraq War after the end of the Cold War in 1989. The Kochikai line, which originated from Shigeru Yoshida's Yoshida school and was led by Hayato Ikeda, was replaced by the Seiwakai line, which originated from Shinzo Abe's grandfather Nobusuke Kishi. This line was an arms race selection against China, which has a strong army (Self-Defense Forces) integrated with the US military and is called proactive pacifism. For details, please refer to "Conservative" mainstream "reversal and US pressure: Anti-communist powers and Seiwakai rule 1" and "Part 2" published in December 2020.
Kishida, who will become the new prime minister, advocates "Japanese-style neo-capitalism," curbing neo-liberalism, correcting disparities, and setting out a consumption expansion and growth path by emphasizing distribution. It smells like Kochikai's liberal conservatism, but this is not what the US rulers accept. In other words, the Kishida administration is to play a role of temporarily blinding the corrupt and tired Abe-US neoconservative politics. With this in mind, Abe and Aso, and the Japan handlers behind them, are expected to survive the inauguration of the Kishida administration and the general election in November with a big victory. In this presidential election, Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai was ousted, Prime Minister Suga lost most of his influence due to the devastating defeat of Mr. Kono, and the faction led by Taro Aso was divided by Kishida's support and Kono's support, and his leadership declined. Only Abe was safe and strengthened.
If the "Sakura wo Miru Kai" case, which is being re-investigated by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office, which is the only cause for concern, is not prosecuted, the investigation will end and Abe will return to the prime minister. The Kishida administration will become the "middle-up administration" until then. Abe has a way to establish a cloister rule with Takaichi as the next prime minister. Kishida is led by the fifth faction, Kochikai (46 people). The party base is weak, and there is no choice but to rely on Aso, who leads the largest faction Hosoda (96 people) and the second faction Aso (53 people), which Abe effectively leads. As mentioned above, party officers and cabinet personnel are also accepting Abe and Aso's intentions as soon as possible.
■ "Both the United States and China are Dirty toilets  "
At the end of the second Abe administration, the right-wing conservatives began to express disappointment with the constitutional amendment and the economic-oriented attitude toward China. Abe's hard-earned marketing of the alter ego was also to retain the right wing that supported the Liberal Democratic Party Hosoda faction. The effect was terrific. Takaichi's parliamentary vote is 114 votes, which exceeds Kono's 86 votes. Abe frankly stated that he held the conservatives, saying, "(We) have shown a firm view of the state. Maybe our debate has returned many of the supporters who were about to come back to the LDP." 
Again, it is the "mission" of the subordinate government to the United States to instigate the threat of China and North Korea and prevent voters from angry and dissatisfied with the United States. "The United States and China are dirty toilets. Which is dirty?" Dissatisfaction with the United States is clearly heard from the right-wing group of "pro-American anti-china." 76 years after the war. Washington is tampering with Japan's right wing and trying to further refine its swimming skills.
Taro Kono, who was considered to be a new generation of liberal hope before the presidential election, but is now observed to be the second Shigeru Ishiba, is expected to be gradually dried up and further reduced in power. .. Even if you run for the next presidential election, you will be defeated again by a big difference to Takaichi.