Reconsideration of the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, promoted by the Unification Church and monitored by neoconservatives and the CIA

During the Reagan and Bush administrations in the 1980s, the Unification Church, led by Sun Myung Moon, had the momentum to dominate the American political scene. Reagan issued an important message through his favorite newspaper , the Washington Times, a daily newspaper affiliated with the Unification Church . Bush's father professed that he could not have been president without the support of the Unification Church.Osami Kuboki, who became the first president of the Unification Church in Japan in 1968, was deeply connected to the current Liberal Democratic Party Seiwakai network of Nobusuke Kishi and Shintaro Abe. Kuboki bitterly regretted not being able to make Shintaro Abe, who died in 1991, president of the Liberal Democratic Party .

His son Shinzo, who was first elected in the 1993 general election, was singled out by the Unification Church and the neoconservatives who advocate unilateral hegemony in the United States. In 2000, along with the inauguration of the Yoshiro Mori Cabinet, which marked the beginning of the Seiwakai's rule, the first volume of the Armitage Report and Directive to Japan, which was based on the acceptance of the exercise of the right to collective self-defense, was published. The United States chose Shinzo Abe and the hawkish Seiwakai of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to integrate the expanded Self-Defense Forces into the U.S. military and confront China . Shinzo Abe, who has the strongest backing in the world, will run up to the seat of prime minister and president at unprecedented speed in Nagatacho.

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After being elected three times, Abe was selected as Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary in the second Mori Cabinet in July 2000 , and was reappointed in the first Koizumi Cabinet inaugurated in April 2001 . He accompanied Prime Minister Koizumi on a visit to North Korea, and suddenly attracted attention for his hard-line remarks on North Korea, including the abduction issue. In September 2003 , ahead of the dissolution of the House of Representatives , Koizumi selected 49-year-old Abe as secretary-general, the LDP's most important position and chief of elections. Abe's appointment as secretary-general, who had very little experience as a member of the Diet, and who had no experience as a cabinet member or even a key position in the party, was an unprecedented appointment.

The Nikkei Shimbun reported, " It's almost as if the young Hope was suddenly selected as president ." He was tight-lipped about the undoubted source of his power in Washington Even after Abe's death, he remains shrouded in darkness. In October 2005, he entered the Cabinet for the first time as the Chief Cabinet Secretary of the third reshuffled Koizumi Cabinet . His appointment as the chief cabinet secretary, the youngest in history, was not taken as a surprise, but rather created an "expectation" mood as the most influential person in the "post Koizumi".

According to Wikipedia, before Abe was tapped as secretary-general, he was considered a likely candidate for the post of head vice-secretary-general or foreign minister . However, Yoshimasa Hayashi, who was appointed Foreign Minister with the launch of the second Kishida Cabinet in November 2021, ran for the House of Councilors election in the Yamaguchi Prefecture constituency in July 1995 and was elected for the first time. It took Hayashi 26 years of abstinence to assume the post of Foreign Minister, one of the most important cabinet members along with the Finance Minister. In 1994, when the electoral system was reformed and the House of Representatives election was shifted to a single-seat constituency system, his father, Yoshiro Hayashi, handed over the former 4th ward (currently 3rd ward) of Yamaguchi to Abe, and his son, Yoshimasa, moved from the House of Representatives to the Yamaguchi constituency of the House of Councilors. There is a history.

At the same time, the Abe faction (Seiwakai) entered its heyday, and under the Abe administration, which was the longest in the history of constitutional politics, Hayashi, who was a rival in the local constituency and belonged to the conservative mainstream dove faction "Kochikai", was thoroughly dried up . Abe's death was truly a stroke of luck . Even if Yoshimasa Hayashi's political ambitions greatly surpassed Abe 's , the wall between Japan and the United States, which became Shinzo's backing, was too thick.

The ideological apparatus of the Abe Cabinet, which collapsed in 2007 in a year and was revived at the end of 2012 to become the longest in history, was Nippon Kaigi. The Nippon Kaigi , which calls itself a national movement based on the imperial historical view, came to the fore in the first administration . The Unification Church claims that "the 'Eve nation' Japan must pay tribute to the 'Adam nation' South Korea and atone for its harm." However, the Unification Church is a political manipulation organization disguised as a religious organization integrated with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) . After the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Japan has walked alongside the neoconservatives who took the lead in achieving sole hegemony by the United States . Moreover, the Shokyo Rengo is the link between the Unification Church and the Nippon Kaigi. Abe turned a blind eye to the decisive gap between the Unification Church and the Nippon Kaigi, and should have received election support and abundant financial support from the Unification Church, which was behind the scenes. The U.S. administration under President George W. Bush (2001-2009), in which neo-conservative policies such as the invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11 and the war in Iraq were in full swing, coincided perfectly with the rise of Shinzo Abe.

100% with America." Abe would have uttered those words many times during his tenure as prime minister. However, his denial of the Tokyo Tribunal, which did not recognize his previous defeat in the war, = historical revisionism, and his obsession with "constitutional revision" that denied the US occupation policy was burning at the core of his heart . Masaharu Taniguchi, the first president of Seicho no Ie, which was the core of the establishment of Nippon Kaigi, made the reckless statement that ``it was not the true Japan that lost in the last war.'' It has captured the hearts of far-right revivalist groups around the world. Immediately after stepping down as prime minister in 2020, he made a number of visits to Yasukuni Shrine . He revived the dormant Sosei ``Japan'' ( formerly known as `` True Conservative Policy Study Group '') and assumed the position of chairman.

  • In May 2012, during the era of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) administration, "Japan" held a "Ceremony of Vows to Revise the Constitution" at a workshop held in Tokyo. There, `` People's sovereignty , respect for basic human rights , and adherence to pacifism in the LDP constitutional revision draft were imposed by GHQ , the postwar regime itself. Only Japan, which has embraced the imperial family for 2,600 years, is qualified to become a moral powerhouse , " "The most important thing for Japan is the imperial family and national polity ," and "Let's use the Senkaku Islands for military purposes." '' and other statements are being made one after another.
  • The neoconservatives and the CIA tacitly tolerated this perverted ideology as a necessary evil until the enactment of the new security legislation in 2015, which positioned it as one of the important pillars of China's containment. In April 2015, Abe became the first Japanese prime minister to give a speech titled “Alliance of Hope” at a joint session of the U.S. Congress , and before President Obama retired, he visited Pearl Harbor in December 2016. Did Abe believe Japan and the United States really reconciled?If the center of power in the United States sees it as an enemy, it will eliminate even the incumbent president. Perhaps Abe underestimated the so-called Deep State, which is believed to have assassinated the Kennedy brothers.
    • After his visit to Pearl Harbor with President Obama, he became even closer to Putin and Russia, and in December 2016, he invited President Putin to Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, the hometown of the Abe family (photograph). The repeated talks, including those on the Northern Territories issue, did not produce any significant results, but there is no doubt that the two sides had become close friends after nearly 30 talks. When Putin visited Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan, the US neoconservatives succeeded in overthrowing the pro-Russian Yanukovych government in the 2014 Ukrainian Maidan coup, and were in the midst of their frenzied efforts to dismantle the Putin regime in Russia. For them, Abe's intimacy with Putin is betrayal and betrayal.
  • Looking back on his days as prime minister under the Democratic Party of Japan, Kan Naoto is said to have told a friend that "Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs was an agency of the US government that controlled Japan . The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is said to have been reluctant to attend the Abe-Putin talks and only reluctantly complied. Looking at Washington's complexion, it must be so.
  • It is no wonder that Shinzo Abe, who has been under the watchful eye of the neoconservatives and the CIA, has been named a too-dangerous politician to watch out for even before he resigns as prime minister in 2020.
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